Influencer – Social Media Marketing Success for Businesses

Influencers are more important than ever in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Influences are nothing new in themselves. There have been many public figures who have played a special role as opinion leaders. Athletes, actors, models or even a lot of bloggers. A guarantee of success.

It does not necessarily have to be positively opposed to a brand. There are also critical opinion leaders who regard brands and products more differently. Another term for influencers is multipliers. “Multiplier” is self-explanatory. Multipliers are people and persons who express their opinions and who have a great adherence of people. This means that their message reaches many people. They “multiply”, so multiply the message in a very fast time. In cities, regions, across the country or across borders.

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Through social media the interaction has become much bigger! In the past, prominent persons were given the opportunity to advertise when they were represented in great shunts. The selection always takes place by a few people, editors, editorial staff, etc. Today, influencers create the direct jump to millions of people via social media – without filters!

Influencers in social media, athletes, bloggers and actors thrill millions

As stated at the beginning of the article, the word influencer is often associated with a certain “spell” in marketing departments. Especially for marketing managers from older semesters, social media and their incredible viral distribution force of information, coupled with the particular speed, are often a miracle that classic media does not offer. Sequential speed information rushes across the globe when the right person accepts the content.

Influencer, Events and Social Media – 100,000 views and more in no time

Even for our young online marketing managers, it is often amazing what incredibly large reach is achieved with skilful social media campaigns. We have had quite a few events that have reached more than 100,000 people without a single euro of advertising budgets. These effects can be quickly multiplied by additional advertising budgets. What companies are keen on investing in social media marketing can quickly reach a range of millions of people. Depending on the size of the company, an unbeatable advantage in the competition. By smart selection of influencers in their very special areas, the targeting of the target audience in social networks is incredibly accurate.

If you now have a management that matches the needs and wishes of the customer, with the ideal influences or people for reach, very fast synergies can arise very quickly in the digital world! Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Influencers are, in addition to ads, the new revolution in digital transformation. Advertising has never been so easy and precise to place as today. The power of inflowers for brands and companies is not overrated, it is real!

How does Influencer Marketing actually work?

The communities of social media influencers, which have been built up over the years, are exploited by companies with absolutely low scatter losses. When it comes to marketing new ideas and products in Influencer Marketing, it is first and foremost about winning advocates. Multipliers, who are in demand as coveted experts at agencies to get to promote new ones. Influencers, for example, have an influence on the recommended quantity, evaluation and assessment of companies. They can be politicians, bloggers, sportsmen and journalists who are active in social networks. An influencer is a person who has made a name for himself in the field of followers through good content and content in a specific area. Working with Influencer has always been relevant to many range-oriented ways of marketing not only due to the high social standing among their fans in social networks. Increase the value of your brand with the adapted confidence of your target group through influencer communities. Locally it is often the owner of the favorite restaurant.

Three types of influencers can in principle be differentiated for your campaigns:

  1. Mark critics, they are generally critical of your company, because of their negative comments in social media, they have a negative, direct influence on the recommendation or opinion of the fans.
  2. The market experts, they are socially recognized as well-known experts and they are always happy to help their fans as a guide. Marke experts generally maintain an absolutely neutral attitude to a product or to brands. At the same time, they fall back on their expertise in the recommendation.
  3. Brand lovers have a strong connection to your brand and bring extensive experience with them
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The CPM – from waste of resources to absolute precision

For companies and companies, the great power of influencers in the field of social media management is an incredible and uniquely great opportunity for extremely high reach within their own relevant target group. If you want to introduce your new product in existing markets, you only have the opportunity to book expensive advertising placards in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg or Munich. The second option, much more expensive commercial which then on the TV screen a whole family meet, although the information will only be relevant to one person. However, all recipients are paid in the classic CPM (thousands of contact prices). Through influencers in social media, the CPM price is not only extremely low, it has changed from an indeterminate mass of people to a precisely defined field. Any advertising issues are so incredibly keen on their own target group that there is currently hardly a better way to find and reach their own target group. Only systems such as Google AdSense or Ads in Facebook and Instagram are similar when it comes to targeting accuracy in advertisements.

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Influencers lower the CPM and offer brands exact target groups

Influencers usually have a very narrow circle, as far as the people who follow them are concerned. These are usually individuals who share interests, views or the lifestyle of the influencers. All these people hope to have a similar success through their actions as their idol. Through different tutorial videos, no matter whether hair or make-up, ways of thinking or products. This is why brands can also advertise here incredibly efficiently when it comes to reaching target groups. Because if the products of the, say best “online girlfriend” is recommended, the probability is very high that the user will buy the product also. Therefore, placing your product at the right influencer guarantees your own success.

This is why Influencer Marketing is such an incredibly efficient tool. You achieve the same success for your brand through less offensive tactics than big advertising posters and can even boost you. The willingness to buy is higher than usual, but all marketers know this! That’s why Influencer works so perfectly when it comes to marketing products. They are part of the life of their followers, fans want to be like them, opt for the same products. Take advantage of these positive effects for your company.