Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Stuttgart

Social Media Marketing for Stuttgart – In Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Hanover and Berlin, we have worked with many clients on meaningful social media campaigns. In marketing, our agency has expertise for all social networks. has become standard for numerous advertising agencies , social media contributes a share to the campaign budget. Your social media agency for Facebook and Instagram for regional and nationwide marketing campaigns. You see, for innovative digital marketing, our social media managers are always there for you. Our managers focus on viral, high-reach online marketing campaigns in our social media management. For social networks, we are always your contact, of course, also for challenging projects.

Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Marketing

Smart social media campaigns promote new products much more efficiently. Social networks are a web of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical features that make our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. Increase your net profit. Facebook, Vimeo or Instagram we manage your social media channel with always new modern ideas for more organic growth. Redefining and monitoring your audience from time to time optimizes the reach of all your media. Digital marketing now belongs to the standard marketing tools in every marketing department a modern presence in social media Social Media Marketing conceives for you targeted addressing of user groups, efficient interaction with the community but also high-reach events. See more on the topic here > Influencer.

Social media influences the everyday life of Germans

In the largest social network Facebook alone, one third of the German population is registered, a high number of potential customers that you can target at any time. Marketing on the Internet, with its possibilities of digital marketing has been entering the strategy mix of project managers for so many years. Build brand fans for the long term now. With us, you can find professionals for Facebook advertising campaigns your team can be sure to reach the right people with your product. The media usage of people in Germany proves: Over 60 million Germans are active online (according to ARD / ZDF Onlinestudie). Tell your Berlin users your company story and inspire followers for many years, especially as an owner-managed company.

Many marketing departments do not yet see the full potential of the social network Instagram, especially in creative target groups. Invest in low advertising losses with your campaigns through precise targeting. What makes Instagram so strong as a promotional channel is its extremely accurate audience management. As you can see, every project is an individual challenge for our project managers, which is why we look after all clients with enthusiasm for the market and proactive plans. Interaction is what counts. A precisely tuned target group raises the interaction rate like comments considerably. With features like Graph Search from Facebook, your social media project manager has great tools at their disposal to increase the efficiency of the channel, not just help you analyze subscribers in detail. With Social Media One, your company has the social media experts for the next or first ad campaign.


Bloggers are influencers, opinion leaders, leading figures and multipliers

Influencers are, for example, musicians, athletes, models or often clicked presenters Influencers have thus made a good name for themselves and transmit postings to hundreds of thousands of followers. Influencer stands for a person who, due to their high reputation and their high reach in the social networks for advertising of companies marketing and advertising is relevant For you, it is always about getting experts and bloggers in a previously selected topic area as multipliers for you. Find out more about influencer marketing in Stuttgart here.

DIY! Facebook Marketing Online Course Recommendation

There are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles on the blog. However, if you want to know insiders, you have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks. Even for small businesses, this Facebook marketing course from our partner agency AdBaker is worth a look. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Influencers influence ratings, reputation and referrals

Influencers, for example, have a strong influence on recommendations and ratings of employers, products and services. The communities of social media influencers, built and maintained for years, are effectively used for marketing and advertising by companies with absolutely low wastage for your campaign. In urban environments, it’s the well-trafficked boutique. We work with you in influencer marketing to pursue the goal of increasing the value of your brand message in a tailored way through the trust of your own long cultivated community to their role models or influencers. Three influencer types can be fundamentally defined when it comes to addressing your target group for your marketing:

  • Brand experts: These are recognized as experts in their field. Brand experts draw on your knowledge when recommending services. They always have an absolutely neutral attitude towards companies.
  • Brand lovers have a multifaceted experience with your brand and an equally strong bond with your brand.
  • Brand critics: Critics are generally critical of your product. Because brand critics tend to express themselves negatively in social networks, critics exert a negative influence on the opinion of the fans and their purchase decision with their postings.


Social Media Marketing Report – How Stuttgart residents use social media

623,738 people currently live and work in Stuttgart. Trust your external image. Each of them tends to be an interested party for your new projects. Back in 2010, 606,588 people still lived in Stuttgart. A permanent trend, the population of Stuttgart is thus growing by 17,150 people or 3% in just five years. Online marketing pays off pretty quickly for companies in Stuttgart with about 3008 people per km².

The various data from renowned studies reveal that, statistically speaking, Stuttgart companies invest 49 billion euros every twelve months in online marketing – would you have thought of such high adspends? CEOs are also looking for new synergies. A full 7,986 want to find new clients in the communities, more than just in the renowned portals for CEOs, such as Xing. Perhaps you are now asking yourself, is the advertising investment worth it?

All eyes on Stuttgart: The best times for advertising on social networks

In the same prime time every day from 7 p.m. to about 8 p.m., 130,985 Stuttgart residents are active on social media with comments and chats. That would be an additional forty-nine thousand people. 81,897 Stuttgart residents get online during the 6am-2pm time period. Other time periods are hardly worthwhile. From 1 to 4 p.m., on the other hand, only 106,035 Internet users from Stuttgart are online.

Social Media: Interaction on Instagram & Co.

443,269 Stuttgart residents rate or publish photos. 419,939 users click the Like button every day. Approximately 933,199 direct messages and snapshots are passed among members, from smartphone to smartphone. As well as 32,662 selfies posted from holidays or everyday life. 155,733 Internet users in Stuttgart want to keep in touch with friends by using social networks. 59,897 try to make new friends. 13,976 use communities especially for work and career. And a further 7,986 want to find new customers for companies.

Hours of use for Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg

Social media marketing offers you a cross-media presence in social media, international marketing campaigns and precisely defined and targeted events. Habits are changing, so media usage is increasingly shifting to social media. You can currently count on these user numbers in Stuttgart for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat:

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Stuttgart
5-8 o’clock10.4791.2751.391696
8 am – 1 pm50.2986.1226.6783.339
13-16 h59.3807.2277.8843.942
4-8 p.m.67.2398.1848.9284.464
20-24 h41.9155.1015.5652.783
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock73.3528.9389.7514.870
Daily cut59.3105.5826.0893.045
Peak increase
at a daily average

Activities and interaction of Stuttgart residents in social networks

People / UsersPeople / Users
daytime interactions
in Stuttgart
Comments, Likes235.16628.656
Friends and acquaintances87.21110.627
entertainment, chat45.8415.586
New friends, acquaintances33.5434.087
Job, Work, Career7.827954
customer acquisition4.472545

Views per month from Stuttgart

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m

New at Social Media One: Speaker in Stuttgart

We focus on these points in our presentations: Content Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Optimization and Monitoring, Social Commerce, Social Media Services and Social Media Marketing. More about our lectures as speakers in Stuttgart.