Social Media Marketing Report Kiel

Social media concepts, smart strategies and a clear focus: Social media marketing for Kiel makes your digital transformation successful with strategies from us. Our social media managers promote new, innovative products through smart social media campaigns. Social networks make our communication with friends, colleagues and family so fast.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become commonplace for various companies and contributes a decisive percentage to the advertising budget. Social media networks offer you enormous potential for high-reach events, as well as efficient target group communication. Therefore, innovative social media marketing is not an interchangeable tool for companies to effectively conduct digital marketing without much wastage. It is important for you to know your market, your prospects and your target groups as precisely as possible, to observe them through smart tools, to define them for yourself in an even more segmented way and to constantly optimize them. Offensive advertising in online portals is now one of the standards of every media manager. We have designed and implemented online campaigns for companies and businesses from Munich, Berlin, Hamburg to Frankfurt. We rely on high-reach, viral media. Increase your net sales immediately! Youtube, Facebook and Instagram: We organize your social media channels with modern ideas for more organic growth. With reliable professionals from personal network for group dynamics for all relevant areas in online marketing and rapid reach increase Social Media One – The Facebook Agency for regional and nationwide campaigns. When it comes to good social media campaigns, we are the best contacts and planners.

Sixty million German citizens on the Internet

The media use of the Germans proves: Sixty million German citizens are on the Internet (ARD/ZDF Onlinestudie). Build brand fans strategically for yourself and your brand right now, use creative tools from Facebook like retargetingpixel to retarget for your targeted project KPIs. Sales Channel Web: With all its extremely fast processes is firmly entrenched in the media mix of marketing departments. In the largest social network Facebook alone, one third of German Internet users have an active account. Millions of potential customers that social media managers can reach at any time with targeted ads for new brands. Our agency that you for social media management and social media advertising campaigns in Berlin to have the reliable professionals on board, for unique results. Get creative, tell your users in social media your company story and win, especially as an already successful company new fans for many years. Low wastage, due to the very precise target group.

Social media management, including Facebook retargeting

The more defined your target group is determined by social media managers, the higher the user interaction rate of your followers. With our social media managers, your brand has social media experts for your next or even your first campaign on Instagram and Facebook. To analyze your fans and more in detail, your company has access to highly efficient tools from Facebook, such as Graph Search. Our social media marketing managers always advise and support all our companies reliably with interest and motivation.

All facts for Facebook, Instagram & Co. in the for Social Media Manager in Kiel

In Kiel’s centre and its outlying districts, 246,306 people currently live as family or single households. In the past, in 2010, there were 239,526, so Kiel is a constantly changing city. Not a new trend. The total population of Kiel is growing by 3% or 6,780 people in the last 5 years. Social media advertising is worthwhile for companies with about 2,076 people / km². That is an extremely large number of potential customers in your immediate vicinity. The different research results from studies show. Purely statistically, Kiel companies invest 16 billion euros annually in digital promotion, did you know? Also managers are, approximately 3,154 want to make constantly further clients out, that not only in classical career portals. And when is the advertising investment worthwhile? Statistically measurable maximum values reach the users in social networks between 19 to approximately 20 o’clock with 51,724 Kieler. This means an additional 19,384 people every working day. On average, approximately 32,340 people are online in Kiel in the period from 6-24 o’clock. In contrast, from 8 p.m. to 2 p.m. there are barely 29,557 people online. 175,041 people are engaged in rating photos of friends every day. 368.508 messages are sent back and forth, independently of the individual day. Keeping in touch with friends 61,497 users want to. Talking in social networks is what 32,325 want to do. 23,653 users want to find friends and acquaintances. 5,519 users in Kiel use social media for jobs and careers. 5,519 are looking for clients every day.

Daily use in Kiel

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Kiel
23.421 2.204 2.404 1.202
5-8 o’clock 4.138 504 549 275
8 am – 1 pm 19.862 2.417 2.637 1.319
13-16 h 23.448 2.854 3.113 1.557
4-8 p.m. 26.552 3.231 3.525 1.763
20-24 h 16.552 2.014 2.198 1.099
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 28.966 3.530 3.850 1.923
Daily cut 23.421 2.204 2.404 1.202
Peak increase
at a daily average
23.421 2.204 2.404 1.202

Daily interactions from Kiel

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions during the day
in Kiel
98.023 11.945
Likes and comments 92.864 11.316
News 206.364 25.146
Photos 7.223 880
Friends, Contacts 34.438 4.196
Chat, conversations 18.102 2.206
New acquaintances, friends 13.246 1.614
Job, Work, Career 3.091 377
Customer acquisition 1.766 215

Views per month from Kiel

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors per month
in m
1.651.496 47.794
Visitors / year
in m
19.817.955 573.532