Social Media Campaigns Best Practice Examples

Social Media Campaign – There are many best practice examples. From international brands to Facebook, Instagram & Co. advertising to Product Placement and Influencer Marketing. If you want to see the best case examples here, read our article about Influencer Campaigns Best Practice Examples.

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Social Media Campaigns Best Practice Examples

At the end of the best practice examples you will find a small wiki for all important terms of social media campaigns.

# 6secondssciencefair – inspiring people for science

In order to increase the interest of young people in science, a company has cut several videos together. It is considered the most successful social media campaign worldwide!


Fan Helmet Art – Motorrad Fans via Social Media

Das Unternehmen Biltwell verkauft Motorrad-Accesoires. Um Aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen, teilt das Unternhemen regelmäßig die kreativen Beiträge ihrer Kunden. Dadurch freut sich der Kunde, indem er kurze Aufmerksakeit in den sozialen Medien bekommt und das Label zeigt wie vielseitig zum Beispiel die Helme sein können.

#itaddsup – Social sports trends at Olympia

With the #itaddsup, TD Ameritrade succeeded in making the Olympic winter games 2014 the absolute trend. A whole team followed the athletes for photos and videos and later posted them on the social media. More and more users use the hashtag and support your idols.

78,000+ uses
12% increase in range
97 million brand impression

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Queso Bliss Showdown

The well-known Qdoba restaurant designed a campaign in which guests could vote on the social media channels of the venue for the best dish. This made it possible to decide which specialties (mostly cheese chips) remained on the map and which they had to leave.

16,000+ votes
45,000+ Twitter followers

My Nat Geo Covershot

National Geographic launched a competition on Facebook. Everyone could send his favorite travel photo to the editors, thus coming to the cover of the magazine and getting a trip for two people as the main gain. The competition attracted a lot of attention from the company, as many rice lovers shared their creative images on Facebook with the company.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour

When Justin Bieber went on a big “Believe” tour in 2013, the cosmetics company “essence” took over the sponsorship of the concerts. The company created a social media event both products, Justin Bieber tickets and Meet and Greets with the pop star before each show.

More attention for the company
263 million brand impressions
82.615 brand expressions
35% more visitors on the social media channels

Snack Hacks

Oreo, one of the most famous companies for biscuits postponed recipes with the dark biscuits and the bright filling. The videos came so well that they were divided a thousand times. As a result, popular recipes were made more and more frequently and the popular biscuits were often sold out.

Increase sales through social media attention
profit increase
Video – little effort

Celebrity Selfie

The most famous Selfie of all time: the image of the Oscar stars in 2014. The Selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres with u.a. Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, reached over 1 million retweets within 45 minutes. It was not a classic campaign, but the picture was staged by Samsung and brought so much attention to the company.

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ellen (@theellenshow) am


One of the best ways to gain reach is to create something magical and stimulate users to dream. Airbnb has done this with the # treehousetuesday campaign. Every Tuesday on the Instagram account of Airbnb a picture of a dreamy tree house is posted and often raffled an overnight. Airbnb also wants to bring its followers closer to nature.

Ice Bucket Challange – worldwide hypes in social networks

It is probably the most famous Challange of the 2010s: the ALS Ice Bucket Challange. The Challange encourages people to pour a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads and donate to the ALS Association. The foundation is committed to the previously unknown disease ALS and with the call to attract attention and do something good. More than 15,000 people took part in the Challange.

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115 million dollars donations
Good purpose
Fun while watching and imitating
Attention to disease and foundation

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Conclusion: Social media campaigns and virality for success in marketing

For years, companies have no longer limited themselves to advertising media such as TV, newspapers, and radio, but are creating more and more campaigns for Facebook, Instagram & Co. On the social media channels, the companies reach a young, modern generation that reacts specifically to visual stimuli. This target group can be won over with creative and entertaining activities, such as the “Ice-Bucket-Challange” or the “My-Nat-Geo-Covershot” campaign. For this purpose young people are often impressed with actions such as games and raffles. Even “uninteresting” passions, such as science or cooking, can be marketed by a suitable social media campaign to a new trend by playing with colors, stimuli and animation (see Oreo and # 6secondssciencefair campaign) ,

Of course, with a campaign, there is never a certainty about how viral the trend is. However, with certain tricks you can attract the attention of the users. In particular emotional stimuli captivate users and users. Laughter, cry, happiness and charm create interest and attention for potential customers. This participation can in turn be used to increase sales, since the users are animated by emotional stimuli.

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