Marking (tag) – increase community, image transfer and reach

Marking – the so-called tag, is enormously important in the world of social media marketing. Markers increase reach, markers link content and channels, and no one should miss out on markers when publishing photos and videos.

Increase range with tags

Markers attract attention in another community. That’s what makes them so valuable. If, for example, a large influenza virus marks a certain brand, it will be registered by a large number of users and, of course, a large number of users in their own community will click on the company’s social media channel.

Of course, it works in the same way for anyone who wants to become a blogger or influencer. That’s why blogger meetings are so popular, where smaller bloggers can get together and take photos together. Your own community will always be aware of the others and of course the other communities will also be aware of you.

This is so effective because the communities often have very similar backgrounds, i.e. interests, hobbies, age, preferences… Marking is a bridge and bridge building has always been a connecting element.

Community and Image Transfer

Tip! If you are posted on other social media channels, they will actively white you to be tagged. Even for small channels with 1000 or 10,000 fans, this marker brings a steady flow of users who can then be converted to fans.

Furthermore, they can of course provide their smaller social media channel with an excellent positive image by, for example, blaming very large, international brands. The classic would be, for example, the Apple Notebook, marked with one of the most successful corporations in the world. If you are wearing something fashionable, you can also link Hermés, Prada or Dior. A meeting at Starbucks? Mark directly! Positive image transfer.

Mark people and places

Of course, you can not only mark people in other photos, but also places. Another is the means to create a positive image. If you only post a photo with no reference to geographic data, it has less value than a photo with the mark New York, Starbucks, Berlin,… This also allows them to show proximity to certain locations, proximity to certain brands or even to a certain lifestyle.

Examples and best practice

In the following we would like to show you some practical examples, which show the topic, marking of persons and places. Here’s Instagram Postings.

On the first photo you see a completely marked picture. Here both persons are marked, and brands are presented here.

On this photo you can see a typical picture of two bloggers marking each other. Both have published a similar photo at the same time. The communities of both become aware of the other channels.

This photo shows a typical brand cooperation, a so-called sponsored posting. Brand ambassadors are very important in social media marketing because recommendation marketing in particular plays a central role in the promotion of products and services in social networks.