Social Media Marketing Report Dresden

In terms of online marketing, we at Social Media One have expertise for all social networks. With innovative, social media concepts between Facebook, Snapchat and other social networks Instagram. Virality (word of mouth) is considered the decisive factor when it comes to the success of companies in social media. For target group-specific online marketing, our social media managers are your contacts. One in three German citizens is registered with market leader Facebook alone, potential customers in Berlin as well, which Social Media Managers can reach with extreme precision at any given time. According to the ARD and ZDF online study on media use, 3 out of 4 German citizens are active on the Internet. With us, you can rely on having the smart experts on your team for social media management in Berlin for unique results with every social media concept. Reach new buyers for many years through creative advertising ideas well made strategies.

Social Media Concepts, Strategy and Focus: Social Media Marketing for Dresden makes you successful with strategies from our experts

The features of social networks make communication with our friends, colleagues and family so easy. Our managers promote physical products and brands through smart social media campaigns. national social media marketing campaigns Offensive advertising in online portals is now a common standard of every media manager Increase your campaign sales steadily with social media marketing from Social Media One! Social Media Marketing designs high reach events, rapid increase in reach as well as multinational campaigns for you. As you can see, it is important for your company to know your target group, your prospects and your potential sales markets precisely, to monitor them on your media, to define them and to constantly develop them further. When it comes to well-designed social media, we are always happy to be reliable contacts. For national and international advertising campaigns we provide competent consultants and media managers for your media project in Berlin.

People are changing their habits, so media usage is increasingly shifting to the web and social media. Build brand fans today. Thanks to Facebook’s business acquisition of Instagram, your company now has the same ad options on Instagram, can target your audiences extremely accurately with ads in the Instagram stream. Instagram is usually still untested in many small and medium-sized businesses, for brands and products which should be marketed on social networks through viral content. Through the truly individual users of Instagram, you can always calculate with little resulting wastage in the promotion.

Targeted social media management on Facebook through retargeting

With Social Media One, you always have the social media consultants for your next or very first ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The more defined the target audience, the more effective your social media channel interaction rate will be. With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your social media project manager has great tools at their disposal to optimize their channel. Not only to help you analyze fans accurately. You see every project is challenging, we advise all companies with great enough initiative ideas.

This is how Dresden ticks: The numbers for social media marketers

543,825 residents currently live in Dresden, alone or with their families. In 2010 there were 523.058. By no means a new trend. The number of citizens of Dresden is growing strongly by 4% or 20,767 people in just 5 years. Just related to Dresden’s total area, you have even as a local startup directly 1656 inhabitants / square kilometer in the area. For mediamanagers, Dresden is good to advertise all relevant residents online. The various data sets from online studies show. Purely statistically Dresdener companies, stock corporations and family businesses almost 40 billion euros every twelve months in digital advertising, already knew? Also board members are online in social networks always looking for new options and opportunities to expand their business, a whole 6,963 users want to find new clients day in, day out. More than just in the tried and tested career portals, such as Xing. Peak values make the Internet users between 19 – 20 o’clock with 114,203 persons. That would be an additional 42,799 Dresdeners. In contrast to this, between 5 – 8 o’clock there are hardly 16,315 online! Today alone, 71,404 Dresdeners will be online in social media. All Dresden Internet users are also still unknowingly active, they interact very actively with their social groups content of friends. Only in Dresden’s surroundings, the Like button familiar to everyone is pressed 366,137 times a day by members in social media. 813,638 messages and photos are sent, regardless of the day. As well as 28,477 photos posted. 135,781 Dresden users want to keep in touch with friends. Friends want to find 52,223. 12,185 are looking for new professional contacts for the network. 6,963 also want to get other multipliers for projects.

Main usage times for Dresden

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Dresden
51.711 4.838 5.278 2.639
5-8 o’clock 9.136 1.105 1.206 603
8 am – 1 pm 43.854 5.306 5.789 2.894
13-16 h 51.772 6.264 6.834 3.417
4-8 p.m. 58.624 7.093 7.738 3.869
20-24 h 36.545 4.422 4.824 2.412
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 63.954 7.793 8.501 4.221
Daily cut 51.711 4.838 5.278 2.639
Peak increase
at a daily average
51.711 4.838 5.278 2.639

Activities and interaction of Dresdeners in social media

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Intercations / Day
in Dresden
216.428 26.373
Comments and Likes 205.037 24.985
Byname 455.637 55.521
Photos 15.947 1.943
kith and kin 76.037 9.265
Chat, Entertainment 39.968 4.870
New friends, acquaintances 29.245 3.564
Profession, Job, Career 6.824 832
Customer acquisition 3.899 475

Visits per month

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors per month
in m
3.625.236 105.526
Visitors / year
in m
43.502.829 1.266.316