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Interaction is what counts in social media marketing; a precisely defined target group significantly raises the interaction factor. With our social media management, your brand always has social media experts for the planned or first advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Our social media managers sell innovative products through smart social media campaigns. Social media makes communication in everyday life and work with our friends, family and colleagues so easy, that’s why we are “Allways On” today. What we, as Social Media Managers, point out for our clients is the mainstay of any advertising campaign, virality on social media. Digital marketing has now become the usual standards of any media manager has become normal for numerous digital advertising agencies, social media marketing is contributing a larger and larger share. For innovative digital marketing, Social Media One Managers will be happy to advise you. You and we know, for your success it is important to get to know your market, your prospective customers and your target groups exactly, to observe afterwards, to determine even more exactly and to optimize permanently. With smart social media marketing concepts between Facebook and other social networks Instagram. We are the media agency for companies with the targeted desire for media reach in social media.

Immediately boost your company’s net sales, with project management from us, Social Media One, your social networking partner. In Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt but also Munich we have managed advertising campaigns together with various partners. With professionals from our personal network and know-how for all core areas in social media marketing. Social Media Marketing designs for you efficient interaction with the community, targeted addressing of user groups as well as efficient communication in communities. viral events For viral concepts our managers reliably help you with media development. One in three German citizens is registered with the global market leader Facebook alone. Potential customers you can reach in a targeted manner. We have advised many medium-sized companies and designed and implemented numerous successful channels in the financial sector, always using the latest methods and attention to detail.


With retargeting to lead generation

Build brand fans now for the long term, use smart technologies like retargeting for lead generation. The Internet as a sales channel, with all its extremely fast communication processes, has been entering the media mix of companies for many years. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media management and social media advertising campaigns in Berlin, you can be sure to reach the most interested people at any time without much wastage in the media. Get creative, tell a story to your fans and convince followers for your brand and for many years to come. What makes Instagram so effective as an influencer channel is the overly fine targeting of audiences. The young social network Instagram is usually still little considered in many small and medium-sized companies in Berlin for brands and products to be marketed on social networks through interactive content. Low wastage with experience and know-how of social media experts. Our social media managers always advise our clients with interest and personal commitment. To analyze your subscribers extensively, highly effective tools such as Facebook’s Graph Search are at your disposal.

DIY! Facebook Marketing Online Course Recommendation

There are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles on the blog. However, if you want to know insiders, you have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks. Even for small businesses, this Facebook marketing course from our partner agency AdBaker is worth a look. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Social media marketing for Wuppertal target groups for start-ups

In Wuppertal live with the family or as a single currently 350,046 inhabitants. In terms of the total area of Wuppertal, you can even as a local startup directly 2079 residents per km ² in your area. If you now further calculate the entire Wuppertal surrounding area, you get an impressive number of potentially interested parties. In 2010, the number was 349,721, which is by no means a new phenomenon, as the population of Wuppertal has stagnated at 0% or 325 people in just five years. Just a quick look at online studies of the last few months shows, purely statistically Wuppertal companies and businesses spend 25 billion euros every 12 months on advertising on the Internet and in social media, would you have thought? Marketing managers are also online looking for new synergies, about 4,482 want to permanently get to know more clients and business partners, not only in classic communities for business people like LinkedIn or Xing in Germany! Peak values they create between 19 to 20 o’clock with 73,510 persons. That is an additional 28 thousand people. At 8 – 13 o’clock it is then only 50,407 people from Wuppertal online in social media. If we take the working day alone, then on average 45,961 Wuppertalers will be online again.

And yes, users unimagined active and offensive, they interact very actively and with great passion photos and posts on social networks! 235,673 likes are expressed on social networks every day. 523,717 direct messages and voice messages are sent. And 18,330 new photo captures are posted. Contact with friends want to keep 87,399 users. In social networks want to entertain 45,940. In search of buyers also from other cities in Germany are looking daily 7,843.

Daily use in Wuppertal

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Wuppertal
5-8 o’clock5.881717782391
8 am – 1 pm28.2283.4393.7521.876
13-16 h33.3244.0604.4292.215
4-8 p.m.37.7354.5985.0162.508
20-24 h23.5232.8663.1271.563
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock41.1655.0165.4722.736
Daily cut33.2853.1363.4211.710
Peak increase
at a daily average

Investigated. That’s why Wuppertaler are in the social media

People / UsersPeople / Users
Intercations / Day
in Wuppertal
Likes, Comments131.97716.082
Friends, acquaintances48.9435.964
Chat, Entertainment25.7273.135
New acquaintances, friends18.8242.294
Job, Work, Career4.392535
customer acquisition2.510306

Page views from Wuppertal

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m