Lean Canvas Part 2/3: Unfair Advantage, Metrics & Audience – Marketing Podcast

In the first part(Lean Canvas #1) you already got to know the topic around your business idea (i.e. problem, solution and USP). In the second part, we’ll deal with the big momentum for investors: the first metrics. In fact, many forget in the pitch that it actually comes down to them when it comes to […]

Social Media Marketing Report Wuppertal

Interaction is what counts in social media marketing; a precisely defined target group significantly raises the interaction factor. With our social media management, your brand always has social media experts for the planned or first advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Brand Ambassador, Influencer, Social Media Marketing Our social media managers sell innovative products […]

Social Media Marketing Report Ingolstadt

Unsere Social Media Manager verkaufen Produkte durch smarte Social Media Kampagnen. Soziale Netzwerke machen unsere Kommunikation im Alltag und Beruf mit Freunden, Kollegen und der Familie so unkompliziert. Wir arbeiten mit Profis aus unserem persönlichen Netzwerk für Gruppen und Dynamik für die Kernbereiche für Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Report Wiesbaden

We sell new, innovative brands through clever social media management strategies. Social networks are a mesh of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical features that makes our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. It has become normal for various advertising agencies, social media marketing is contributing an increasingly crucial part of the marketing […]

Social Media Marketing Report Bielefeld

According to the ARD/ZDF study, more than 60 million German citizens are active on the Internet. 1 in 3 Germans is registered on Facebook. Potential customers also in Berlin, which you can advertise extremely precisely at any time. What makes Instagram so strong as an influencer channel is its very fine target group targeting. Social […]