Social Media Marketing Report Ingolstadt

Unsere Social Media Manager verkaufen Produkte durch smarte Social Media Kampagnen. Soziale Netzwerke machen unsere Kommunikation im Alltag und Beruf mit Freunden, Kollegen und der Familie so unkompliziert. Wir arbeiten mit Profis aus unserem persönlichen Netzwerk für Gruppen und Dynamik für die Kernbereiche für Social Media Marketing. Was wir als Social Media Agentur für unsere Kunden finden, Viralität in Soziale Medien! effiziente Kommunikation mit der Community Wir sind die Social Media Agentur für Unternehmen für Ihre Kampagnen in Soziale Medien. Mit smarten Social Media Strategien zwischen Facebook und Instagram.

The digital transformation of companies with social media marketing strategies

For target group-specific online marketing, the Social Media One managers will be happy to advise you. The constant redefinition and observation of your own target group increases the effectiveness of your digital channels. Social Media One: For national and international concepts, we provide experienced consultants and media managers for you in Berlin. Increase your net sales of your business, with powerful campaign management from us, Social Media One. has become standard for various digitally advertising companies, social media marketing has a percentage share in. Advertising in digital portals is now part of the usual standards of any media manager social media marketing enables for your company multinational marketing campaigns, rapid increase in reach as well as highly targeted approach. In Berlin, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt as well as Stuttgart we have managed beautiful social media campaigns with various partners. Alone in the largest social network Facebook is a little less than a third of the German Internet users active, a high number of potential customers also in Berlin you can reach extremely accurately with Facebook Ads quickly for new ideas. Meet fans for many years through new ideas planned marketing strategies. With our agency Social Media One, the professionals for social media campaigns in Berlin, your team can be sure to reach the right people without much wastage. According to the ARD and ZDF study on media usage, more than sixty million German citizens are active on the web. Build sustainable brand fans for yourself and your brand. Habitual consumer behaviour patterns are changing, so media usage is not only shifting increasingly to the internet and social media in this decade. We have supported many companies in Berlin and throughout Germany with consulting in the digital transformation and implemented many channels, always with innovation and attention to detail.


All facts for Instagram, Facebook & Co. at a glance for social media managers in Ingolstadt

132,438 inhabitants live, alone or with the family currently in Ingolstadt. If you, as a marketing manager, now add the Ingolstadt area to this, you will rapidly get a large number of people! In 2010 there were still 125,088, an ever-changing city. A population trend which is quite long lasting in Ingolstadt’s demography. The population of Ingolstadt is growing by 6%, i.e. 7,350 people in the last 5 years. In terms of Ingolstadt’s total area, you can as an urban brand directly 993 inhabitants / square kilometer in their own neighborhood. The various data from major online studies reveal, purely statistically Ingolstadt companies invest almost 10 billion euros every twelve months in online marketing, did you know? New projects and also work are increasingly always present for everyone in social media in the age of global communication. Our everyday life is changing, as is people’s media behaviour. Why not? Tendency 2.968 Ingolstadter use social networks for professional interests. 27,812 people are online during the 4 – 8 p.m. batting time. On average, approximately 17,389 internet users in Ingolstadt get online during the 6am – midnight time period. Other times are hardly worthwhile in comparison. Around 1 p.m. to around 4 p.m. there are only 22,514 people from Ingolstadt Online.

94,119 people from Ingolstadt make or comment on pictures from the social group. 89,166x the “Like” button is expressed every day. 33,067 users want to get in touch with friends. 17,381 want to talk to other people in social networks. Professional contacts and also previously unknown ideas are sought by 2,968. 1,696 of the Ingolstadt users want to find new influencers for companies online.

Main usage times for Ingolstadt

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Ingolstadt
5-8 o’clock2.225270295147
8 am – 1 pm10.6801.2971.415707
13-16 h12.6081.5311.670835
4-8 p.m.14.2771.7341.892946
20-24 h8.9001.0811.179590
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock15.5751.8982.0701.032
Daily cut12.5931.1831.290645
Peak increase
at a daily average

Activities of the Ingolstadt

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Ingolstadt
Comments and Likes49.9336.084
Contacts, friends18.5172.256
Chat, Entertainment9.7341.186
New acquaintances, friends7.122868
Job, Work, Career1.662202
Customer acquisition950116

Visits per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors / year
in m