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Soziale Netzwerke machen unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden, Kollegen und Familie so einfach, deshalb sind wir auch immer online. Gut abgestimmte Social Media Kampagnen vermarkten Produkte deutlich effizienter und durch Retargeting mit wesentlich geringerem Streurisiko als in klassischen Medien, wie Zeitungen. extrem schnelle Steigerung der Reichweite. Wir haben Online Kampagnen für renomierte Kunden von Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt bis hin zu Stuttgart mit Kunden und Unternehmen verwirklicht. Mit zuverlässigen Experten für die relevanten Entscheidungen für Onlinemarketing.

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Digital marketing is now becoming the standard marketing tools known in every marketing department We rely on viral brands. Social Media One is the social media agency for any company with a desire for success on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Your Instagram agency for national, regional and international media projects. Increase sustainable sales for your company. has become commonplace for many agencies. Social media marketing has become an increasingly clear part of. You see, for you it is important to know your market and your possible buyers exactly, to observe them through smart tools, to define them for your goals and to optimize them further all the time. Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, our agents take care of your social media channel sustainably with always new modern ideas for more real followers. Social media networks offer your social media campaign enormous potential for high-reach events, as well as efficient communication with the community. As you can see, for smart and target group-oriented online marketing, our social media managers are always there for you. Reach fans for many years with well thought-out strategies together with us as social media managers. In the largest social network Facebook alone, a third of the German population is registered, potential customers also in Berlin, which you can quickly target with ads for new brands at any time. With options like Graph Search, great tools are available in the Admanager to optimize the channel, not only to analyze followers extensively. The more sharply defined your audience is, the more frequent your follower interaction rate will be. At Social Media One and our Social Media Social Media Managers, we advise and serve all businesses with interest and commitment. With our social media managers, you have social media consultants for the upcoming or even your very first ad campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Report Chemnitz for & Co.

In Chemnitz live as a single or with the family currently 248,645 inhabitants. If you add the surrounding area, you get an impressive number of potential buyers as a social media marketing manager. In 2010, there were 243,248, a truly dynamic city. A permanent trend. The population of Chemnitz grows by about 2% or also 5,397 inhabitants in the last 5 years. With approximately 1,126 inhabitants per km², advertising for startups in Chemnitz is profitable. Results of studies reveal. Purely statistically, Chemnitz companies spend 16 billion euros every single year on digital advertising, did you know? CEOs are also looking for new synergies, about 3,184 want to find new customers and business partners in the communities day in, day out. More than just in the well-known portals for CEOs. And when does the advertising investment pay off?

Statistically evaluable peaks reach the users in social networks between 19-20 clock with 52,215 people. Therefore, 20 thousand additional Chemnitzers daily, which you can now reach with ads and advertisements. 32,647 Chemnitzers become online in the period from 6 to circa 24 o’clock. At 20-24 o’clock only 29,837 Chemnitzers are online. Statistically speaking, 176,704 people in the whole of Chemnitz comment on photos and selfies of friends every day. Approximately 372,007 messages are sent. And a whole 13,020 photos are posted by users in their timelines and those of groups and friends.

Acquaintances would like to meet 23,877. 5,571 use social media for business. Also 3,184 want to find online clients for businesses.

The most effective times for advertising in Chemnitz

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Chemnitz
5-8 o’clock4.177508554277
8 am – 1 pm20.0512.4372.6581.329
13-16 h23.6712.8773.1381.569
4-8 p.m.26.8043.2583.5541.777
20-24 h16.7092.0312.2151.108
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock29.2413.5633.8871.938
Daily cut23.6432.2222.4241.212
Peak increase
at a daily average

This is why Chemnitz Online is active

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Chemnitz
Comments and Likes93.74611.423
Friends, acquaintances34.7654.236
Chat, conversations18.2742.227
New friends, acquaintances13.3711.629
Job, Work, Career3.120380
New customers, acquisition1.783217

Views per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors per year
in m