Social Media Marketing Report Regensburg

Schlaue Social Media Kampagnen promoten Produkte wesentlich effizienter. Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht.

Social media marketing immediately guarantees more followers on the Internet

Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter: We manage your channels with ever new modern ideas. Increase your sales sustainably. In social media marketing, our agency offers experts for all your communication in social networks. Virality is the crucial point when it comes to presentable advertising campaigns for established brands. has become normal for many advertising companies, social media has an increasingly larger percentage of the marketing budget. national campaigns We have realized campaigns for brands and companies from Munich, Berlin to Dusseldorf with customers and companies. Advertising in digital portals is now one of the usual standard marketing tools for media managers Social Media Marketing offers for your company national social media campaigns, extremely rapid increase in reach as well as very targeted targeting of user groups. The occasional redefinition and observation of your own target group additionally increases the success of your marketing. For targeted and smart digital marketing, our social media managers are always there for you. Your Instagram agency for regional, national and international media projects. For product promotion in we are always happy to be the best contacts. Win fans together with us through new ideas good concepts! Our social media agents have advised many small and medium-sized companies and designed and implemented many extremely successful channels in the insurance industry. The current media usage of people in Germany shows: Sixty million Germans are online.

Strategies for Regensburg users and companies with our social media marketing

The sharper your target group is determined by social media management, the more frequent the interaction of your users. Our social media marketing managers look after all companies with interest and motivation, because as you can see, every campaign has its own individual challenges. With features like Graph Search, there are great options available to you in Admanager. Not only to help you get to know fans precisely. With our social media marketing management, your brand always has the social media advisors for the upcoming or first advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Social Media Marketing Report Regensburg for the largest social networks in Germany

145,465 inhabitants live with their family, partner or alone in Regensburg at the moment. If you as a marketing manager now also add the surrounding area, you get an impressive number of potential new consumers as a social media manager. In 2010, there were 135,520. A population trend that has long existed in Regensburg’s demographic change, the population of Regensburg is growing by 7%, so 9,945 city residents in just five years. Online marketing is profitable with about 1,803 people per square kilometer for companies with a desire for more digital success.

Masterplan! Social media management for Regensburg entrepreneurs

Results from the major studies show. Purely statistically Regensburg companies, stock corporations and family businesses spend over 7 billion euros a year on online advertising, did you know? New projects and also work are permanently present in social networks for all people on the Internet. Why not? During the day, 3,259 Regensburgers use social networks also for job, network and career. Is it worth it now in like Youtube campaigns? 30,548 Regensburgers are online during prime time from 7pm to 8pm. That means you reach an additional 11,448 people here! On a daily average, between 19,100 internet users in Regensburg are online in the period from 6am to 2pm. From 5 to 8 o’clock it is then only 4,364 Internet users from Regensburg Online in communities. Only commenting on photos and selfies from friends engages 103,377 people every day. 217,636 messages are sent between users. 13,969 users want to meet new acquaintances and like-minded people. 3,259 use social media especially for professional purposes. And a whole 1,863 want to find online multipliers.

Daily use of social media in Regensburg

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Regensburg
5-8 o’clock2.444297324162
8 am – 1 pm11.7301.4251.554777
13-16 h13.8481.6821.835917
4-8 p.m.15.6811.9052.0781.039
20-24 h9.7751.1871.295648
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock17.1072.0852.2741.133
Daily cut13.8321.2991.417709
Peak increase
at a daily average

Behind the scenes – Most people want to stay in touch with friends

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions per day
in Regensburg
Likes, Comments54.8446.683
Friends, Contacts20.3392.478
Entertainment, Chats10.6911.303
New friends, acquaintances7.823953
Job, Work, Career1.825222
customer acquisition1.043127

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