Social Media Marketing Report Heidelberg

Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht. Unsere Manager promoten Produkte durch geschicktes Social Media Management. Wir haben Werbung für Marken und Unternehmen von München bis hin zu Düsseldorf geplant und umgesetzt. Ihre Facebook Agentur für regionale und nationale Medienprojekte. Social Media Marketing konzipiert für Ihr Projektmangement rasante Reichweitensteigerung, aber auch Ihren modernen Auftritt in den Sozialen Medien.

Social media marketing immediately secures more multipliers for your channel

For all businesses, validated social media marketing is therefore a non-interchangeable tool to launch effective, targeted online marketing. For efficient product promotion in we are always happy to be your contact. With innovative multimedia strategies between Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. international campaigns The permanent analysis of your own community optimizes the effectiveness of your online channels. With reliable experts for groups and dynamics for all relevant decisions in social media marketing. What we show for our clients, the virality in social networks. Digital marketing is now becoming the standards of modern businesses has become commonplace for numerous companies, social media marketing has an increasingly clear percentage of. Increase the profits of your campaign! Get creative, tell your story to your users on social media and inspire followers for your brand and for many years to come. The Internet as a sales channel, with its extremely fast communication processes, is firmly anchored in the strategy mix of project managers. For example, one third of German citizens are registered on Facebook, potential customers also in Berlin, which you can target at any time with Facebook Ads to quickly promote new brands.

Instagram is often still little tested in companies, for services and products, which should be marketed in social networks. What makes Instagram so strong as a promotion channel is its very accurate information of Instagram users. Invest in low campaign losses with know-how from social media experts.


With Facebook’s retargeting tool you will reach the intended people in any case

Every venture has specific challenges, we advise our clients with great time and dedication. With our social media management, you always have the social media experts for the next campaign or even your very first campaign on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. With options like Facebook’s Graph Search, you have great options at your disposal. Not only to analyze fans extensively. This is how you quickly make precise social media concepts. User interaction in Berlin is what matters in social media marketing, a precisely specified target group increases the interaction rate considerably for your brand.

Social media marketing for Heidelberg target groups for companies

There are currently 156,267 residents in Heidelberg’s central and outlying districts. If you now add the entire Heidelberg surrounding area, you get an impressive number of potential consumers. In 2010, it was still 147,312, a dynamic city. Absolutely no new trend, the number of inhabitants of Heidelberg increased by 6% or 8,955 people in the last 5 years. Clear advantage, with an average population density of 1,436 inhabitants / square kilometer, social media advertising for companies in Heidelberg pays off. A simple, quick glance of a marketing manager at online studies reveals. Purely statistically, Heidelberg companies invest almost 10 billion euros each year in digital advertising, did you know? During the day, 3,501 Heidelberg residents use social networks for professional interests. Why not? New projects and also work are permanently present in social networks for all Internet users.

“Always and everywhere accessible”! The slogan also applies to Heidelberg users

The largest stream of visitors is for you in social networks in the daily same peak time of late afternoon 7-20 clock are 32,816 Heidelberg online. That would be an additional 12 thousand people that you reach with your ads afterwards. Scattered over an entire day in the period from 6-24 o’clock between 20,518 potential new customers in Heidelberg Online. According to analysis, other times are hardly worth investing in advertising. On the other hand, there are barely 26,565 Heidelberg Online visitors between 1 and 4 pm.

Multimedia: Interaction on Facebook & Co.

In Heidelberg alone, “Like” is pressed 105,209 times on every single working day. 39,016 users in Heidelberg want to keep in touch with their friends. 20,509 would like to communicate with other people on social networks. 15,006 want to make new friends and acquaintances. 3,501 users in Heidelberg also use social media for their job and profession. 2,001 want to meet other influencers online.

Advertising times

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Heidelberg
5-8 o’clock2.625319348174
8 am – 1 pm12.6011.5331.672836
13-16 h14.8771.8101.974987
4-8 p.m.16.8462.0492.2351.118
20-24 h10.5011.2771.394697
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock18.3772.2392.4431.219
Daily cut14.8591.3981.525762
Peak increase
at a daily average

Revealed: This is why Heidelbergers are active online

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions per day
in Heidelberg
Comments, Likes58.9177.179
Contacts and friends21.8492.662
Chats, Entertainment11.4851.399
New friends, acquaintances8.4041.024
Work, Job, Career1.961239
New customers and acquisition1.120137

Page views per month from Heidelberg

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors / year
in m