Social Media Marketing Report Mainz

Schlaue Kampagnen in Soziale Medien vermarkten Produkte wesentlich effizienter. Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht. Was wir finden ist eines der wichtigsten Elemente einer jeden Kampagne, Viralität. Werbung in Onlineportalen gehört heute zu den Standard Marketinginstrumenten eines jeden Medien Managers Jederzeit! Für virale Konzepte haben wir motivierte Berater und Medien Manager für Sie.

The digital transformation of companies thanks to social media marketing concepts

Social media contributes a crucial percentage. We are the media agency for every modern company for your campaigns in social networks. Rapid increase in reach and the permanent analysis of your interest group additionally increases the conversion rate of your digital media. Social media networks offer you enormous expansion potential for a modern digital presence, targeted approach and extremely fast increase in reach. Always well advised. In marketing we offer expertise for all social networks. We have implemented campaigns with clients in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, our consultants manage your fan pages with always innovative multimedia strategies in marketing. For all companies and agencies, social media marketing is therefore an unavoidable tool to make clever, target group specific online marketing without much wastage. Increase your profits sustainably. 1 out of 3 German citizens is registered on Facebook, for example. A large number of potential customers also in Berlin, which social media managers can promote extremely accurately with Facebook Ads for new brands. Tell your users a story in social media and convince fans for many years! Build brand fans strategically now with innovative social media management and use creative tools like retargeting to increase reach. Internet: With all its extremely fast processes is a fixed component in the media mix of project managers. The media usage of people in Germany shows that 60+ million Germans are active online (ARD/ZDF Online Study). With our agency Social Media One, the professionals for social media campaigns in Berlin, you can be sure to reach the right users with your advertising at any time.

Thanks to Facebook’s corporate takeover of Instagram, your social media managers now have exactly the same advertising options as Facebook, and we as an agency can very precisely target your customers with adverts in the Instagram stream. Achieve extremely low wastage, through fine-tunable targeting in Instagram. Many corporate online marketers still don’t understand the untapped potential, especially in highly traveled audiences, that Instagram’s social network holds. With our social media managers you always have the social media experts for the upcoming or very first ad campaign. It depends on the interaction of your own fans in Berlin, a precisely selected target group to address pushes the visitor interaction rate such as comments on postings significantly. The social media managers of our agency always advise all companies with great commitment.

With options like Graph Search from Facebook, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal, not just to help you analyze fans accurately.


Your Social Media Marketing Report Mainz: We reveal all the numbers!

209,779 people currently live and work in Mainz’s Mitte and suburbs. With 2,146 city residents per square kilometer, social media advertising pays off for businesses in Mainz. As you can see, that’s an extremely large number of potential customers. Earlier, in 2010, there were 199,237. By no means a new phenomenon, the total population of Mainz is increasing by a whole thus by 10,542 city residents or 5% in the last five years.

Data sets from online studies reveal. Purely statistically, Mainz companies spend almost 15 billion euros every year for advertising on the Internet, did you know? The work, new projects, etc. are in social networks in the age of faster and faster communication always available for all, not only for department heads of companies with responsibility. 4.701 Mainzer use social media quite naturally also for vocational. When is the advertising investment worthwhile? 44.054 Mainzer are in the phase of 19-20 o’clock on-line. In the peak time of social media you can reach 17 thousand more people with smart campaigns! Throughout the day, approximately 6-24 o’clock, 27,544 potential customers are online in Mainz. Other time periods are only conditionally worthwhile for Facebook Ads. Comparatively, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. there are still 30,208 online, considerably fewer people. As usual, users in Mainz are extremely active, they like to interact with photos and posts in social networks with real passion. Commenting on photos and selfies from friends is something that, purely statistically, 149,083 people in Mainz do every day. In Mainz alone, the well-known “Like” button is pressed 141,236 times a day. 52,377 users want to keep in touch with friends. In social networks, 27,532 Mainz users want to entertain. 4,701 are looking for new business contacts for their own network and job opportunities. 4,701 look for new multipliers every day.

Daily use of social media in Mainz

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Mainz
5-8 o’clock3.524428467233
8 am – 1 pm16.9172.0542.2401.120
13-16 h19.9712.4252.6451.322
4-8 p.m.22.6142.7452.9951.497
20-24 h14.0971.7111.867933
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock24.6703.0063.2791.634
Daily cut19.9471.8732.0431.021
Peak increase
at a daily average

Revealed: This is why Mainzers are active on social media

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Mainz
Likes and comments79.0929.638
Friends, Contacts29.3313.574
Chat, Entertainment15.4181.879
New friends, acquaintances11.2811.375
Job, Work, Career2.632321
New customers, acquisition1.504183

Clicks per month from Mainz

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m