Social Media Report Berlin: Users, Times, Marketing – Facts & Figures

Social Media Marketing Report Berlin – When it comes to digital marketing we have experts from Social Media One for all your communication in social networks. For promotion of physical or digital production in we are always happy to be the best contact. Advertising in digital portals is now one of the standard marketing instruments in every marketing department. You still wonder why? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram offer you enormous potential for rapid expansion and a social media presence in social media.

Digital Transformation: Also in Berlin? Social marketing figures

Social networks are a network of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical functions that make our communication with friends omnipresent and multimedia. Smart social media campaigns market your new products or services much more effectively. The permanent redefinition and observation of your own target group optimizes the effectiveness of your digital marketing. The Social Media One managers will be happy to advise you on target group-specific online marketing. We have realized digital advertising for brands and companies from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt to Munich with clients and companies.

“Berlin companies are more successful thanks to Social Media Marketing”

Social media is contributing an ever increasing share of the advertising budget. What we are looking for as social media managers, virality in social networks, classic word of mouth. Social Media One: The Instagram agency for national and international media projects. With innovative social media marketing concepts between Facebook and Instagram. Your unique brand presence for satisfied users and visitors!

Increase your net sales in Berlin and surroundings

The media usage of people in Germany shows that more than sixty million German citizens are active on the global Internet, according to the ARD / ZDF online study. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media management in Berlin, you can be sure to reach the best people with your advertising. Build up brand fans strategically now. Sales channel Web, with all its extremely fast processes, has been part of the media mix of marketing departments for decades. We have helped many companies with consulting and supported various successful channels, always with innovation and attention to detail. In the largest social network Facebook alone, one in three German citizens is registered, a high number of potential customers also in Berlin, which you can reach extremely precisely for you at any time. Get creative, tell your Berlin fans your story and convince them, especially as an already successful company brand fans for many years.

Instagram is usually not yet tested in companies in Berlin for brands and products that are to be promoted in social networks. Due to the individual users, which are young people, you can plan advertising campaigns with little wastage. What sets Instagram apart from other social networks like Twitter is its extremely accurate user information. With features like Facebook’s Graph Search, your marketing team can freely use great techniques to increase the efficiency of the channel. Not only to analyze your fans in detail. So you can quickly produce precise advertising concepts. You can feel that every campaign placement is challenging. We support and advise our agencies with enthusiasm for the market and initiative concepts to optimize your social media. With Social Media One your company always has social media consulting experts for your planned or first campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. User interaction is what counts in social media, a precisely specified target group increases interaction and comments sustainably.

Social Media Marketing Report Berlin

At present, 3,520,031 individuals live in Berlin, from Prenzlauer Berg via Wedding to Spandau. Perfect for media managers to reach people online. In 2010 there were still 3.460.725 in Berlin. The total population of Berlin thus grows by 2% or 59,306 inhabitants in only 5 years. Calculated on the total area of Berlin alone, you can reach about 3948 citizens per km² in your area with your own resources as an urban start-up. Data records from studies show that, statistically speaking, Berlin companies invest more than 370 billion euros every year in digital promotion. Work, new projects, etc. are in social media in the age of global communication always present for all people on the Internet, not only for managers. Everyday life is changing just like media use. During the day, 78,873 Berliners use social media for professional purposes.

Primetime in Berlin – Here social media marketing really pays off

462,180 Berliners are usually online, on their smartphone or tablet between 6 and 24 o’clock. The biggest visitor stream for your brand is in social networks. In the almost always same prime time from late afternoon 7 pm to 8 pm, 739,207 Berliners are active in social media. In prime time you see 277,026 people more! Other periods are hardly worthwhile. From 20 – 24 o’clock however only 422,404 people are online in communities. About 2,501,566 Berliners are involved in evaluating photos and selfies every day. And 184,326 selfies of everyday experiences and situations are posted by registered Berliners. 878,872 users want to keep contact to friends through social networks. In social networks 461,971 would like to communicate.

Usage times for Berlin

In social media marketing, the interaction of the fans is what counts, the precisely hit target group to address pushes the factor of the interaction rate like Likes considerably for your company. Get creative, tell your fans your company’s history and inspire new fans for your brand and for many years to come. With smart, highly interconnected ideas between Facebook, YouTube and other Instagram social networks. That’s why here are our statistics for an initial assessment of the situation in Berlin:

Social Media
User / Day
In Berlin
5-8 hours59,1377,2067,8163,908
8-13 hrs283,85534,58937,51918,759
13-16 hours335,10740,83444,29322,146
16-20 hrs379,45946,23950,15525,078
20-24 hours236,54628,82431,26615,633
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 hours413,95650,44255,02827,357
day cut334,71331,53834,21017,105
increase in peak
to the daily cut

Activities and interaction in Berlin

People / UserPeople / User
Interaction per day
in Berlin
Likes, Comments1.327.147161.718
Chat, entertainment258.70431.524
New friends, acquaintances189.29623.066
Job, work and career44.1695.382
Customer acquisition25.2393.076

Page views

People / UserPeople / User
Visitors / Month
in Mio.
Visitors / Year
in Mio.

Now new! Social Media Marketing Speaker for Berlin

Digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers, brand users and real fans and finally brand sponsors. And of course, all the presentations are also for freelancers and publicists who want to advance their digital strategies through the opportunities of social media networks. We speak for decision-makers in companies and managers who are aligning their company with the digital transformation through social media management and digital business models. Book now our managers for your next Media Congress as speakers in Berlin.

Social Media Expert: Stephan Czaja

Speaker and social media expert Stephan Czaja on TV (extract).

Photo – Sat1 in “Finally closing time”

Photo – ZDF Germany in “Mona Lisa”

Photo – DW TV in “Made in Germany”

Photo – Sat1 on “breakfast tv”

Speaker Berlin: Up to 250 guests for Social Marketing

Photo – Speaking series: Business Creation @ Prenzlauer Berg; Client: Switzerland (Anonymous)

Photo – Speaking: Influencer Marketing; Client: ISM Universities of Management