Social Media Marketing Report Gelsenkirchen

Social media marketing offers you a social media digital presence,multinational campaigns, and well-defined and targeted events. has become the standard for various digital advertising companies. Social media is a key contributor.

Concept, strategy and a clear focus: social media marketing for Gelsenkirchen companies

Smart social media campaigns market products or services much more efficiently and through precise targeting with much less wastage. Social networks are a mesh of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical functions that make our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. Our agency realizes campaigns for clients from Munich, Berlin, Cologne to Frankfurt. For smart and target group-oriented digital marketing, the Social Media One managers will be happy to advise you. For promotion of physical production in we are always happy to be your contact. The permanent observation and analysis of your own target group additionally increases the reach of your entire digital channels. We rely on viral media in our social media management. Online marketing is now one of the standard marketing tools in every marketing department.

Anytime! For national and international campaigns

Steadily increase your business profits with smart marketing from Social Media One! Facebook, Vimeo or even Instagram: Our consultants look after your social media channel with ever innovative modern strategies in marketing for more organic growth. Your modern digital appearance sales channel Internet, with its extremely fast communication processes is an integral part of the media mix of project managers. Build brand fans immediately in a planned way, use smart tools from Facebook like retargeting pixels for lead generation. According to the ARD and ZDF online study, more than 60 million German citizens are active on the World Wide Web, for example in social networks, an enormous potential for companies. Our social media managers have advised many companies in Berlin and throughout Germany and have implemented many extremely successful campaigns, for example in the insurance industry. With us you can be sure to have the reliable professionals for Facebook campaigns in Berlin for your project. Meet fans with planned concepts.

With options like Graph Search, you have great tools at your disposal to optimize the channel, not only to analyze followers accurately. This is how we quickly make precise campaign concepts for you. With our social media management you have the social media experts for the planned or very first campaign. Each social media project has its own specific challenges, we advise and support each client with enthusiasm and proactive suggestions. Interaction is what matters in social media, a precisely specified target group increases the interaction and comments sustainably for your brand.

Social Media Marketing Report Gelsenkirchen: All key figures for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Currently, 260,368 residents live at home in Gelsenkirchen. Back in 2010 there were still 257,981. This is by no means a new trend, as the population of Gelsenkirchen has grown by 2,387 inhabitants or 1% in the last five years. With 2,481 city inhabitants per square kilometre, multimedia advertising is profitable for marketers in Gelsenkirchen and the surrounding area. This shows that Gelsenkirchen with its digital possibilities is perfect for media managers to inspire all relevant inhabitants online for their own brand. Just a practiced look at the various studies available to us shows. Statistically seen Gelsenkirchener companies invest 17 billion euros annually in online promotion, with it also we today not after the analysis counted? Of course, entrepreneurs are just as online, about 3,334 want to meet new clients every day. Not only within the classical company portals. Now you may ask yourself the question, when is the advertising investment worthwhile? The largest amount of visitors are in the main time of late afternoon 19 to 20 o’clock in the evening are 54,677 Gelsenkirchener online. According to this calculation you get so simply 20,491 people in addition! Only today are again 34,186 Gelsenkirchener online in social media be. Other times are only worthwhile to a limited extent for advertising investments. In the comparison from 20 to 24 o’clock are against it only 31,244 Gelsenkirchener on-line in social media. Every day, 185,035 Gelsenkircheners are involved in rating photos and selfies alone. 175,296 likes are clicked on every day. Approximately 389,547 messages are sent back and forth, from smartphones to tablets. And a whole 13,634 new photos of beautiful memories posted. Contact with friends want to keep 65,008 people in Gelsenkirchen. Communicating on social networks is what 34,171 Gelsenkirchen users want to do. 5,834 also use communities for jobs and careers. 5,834 look for new customers every day.

Statistics – That’s why the Gelsenkircheners are online

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Gelsenkirchen
Likes, Comments98.16611.962
Contacts, friends36.4044.436
Entertainment and chat19.1362.332
New acquaintances, friends14.0021.706
Job, Work, Career3.267398
Customer acquisition1.867227

Annual and monthly visits

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m

Visiting hours for Gelsenkirchen

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Gelsenkirchen
5-8 o’clock4.374532581290
8 am – 1 pm20.9962.5552.7871.394
13-16 h24.7873.0163.2901.645
4-8 p.m.28.0683.4153.7261.863
20-24 h17.4972.1292.3231.161
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock30.6193.7314.0702.032
Daily cut24.7582.3302.5411.271
Peak increase
at a daily average