Social Media Marketing Report Augsburg

With us you have professionals for social media management and Facebook campaigns you can be sure at any minute to reach the most interested users with your advertising. In the largest social network Facebook alone, slightly less than a third of Germans are registered with their own profile. Millions of potential customers that you can target with ads for new products. According to the ARD and ZDF online study, over 60 million German citizens are active on the Internet. We have helped many companies with consulting and designed and implemented many successful channels in the insurance industry, always with the latest methods and careful monitoring of all KPIs. Build brand fans now.

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Social networks are a mesh of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical functions that make our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. Well-tuned campaigns in social media promote products much more effectively and through precise targeting with less wastage. What we as social media managers point out is the famous sticking point, virality (word of mouth)! Increase your sales! Digital marketing is now among the standards for media managers In marketing products, we at Social Media One provide experts for all social networks. That’s why social media marketing is indispensable tool for businesses to do effective, targeted digital marketing. Anytime! For viral campaigns, we have the strongest managers for your project. Social Media Marketing allows for your project management of high reach events, rapid reach increase but also multinational social media marketing campaigns. has become normal for various companies, social media contributes an increasingly important share of the campaign budget.


Find brand ambassadors from Augsburg with our Social Media Management

Instagram is often still an insider’s tip in the sales department of companies and businesses that specifically promote social media marketing to constantly bring in new leads, especially young leads. What makes Instagram so effective is the overly accurate user information. Low wastage, with know-how from experts. With Social Media One, you always have social media consulting experts for the upcoming or very first advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. As you can see, every campaign is individual, we take great pleasure in advising and supporting our agencies with our own commitment. With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal in Adsmanager. Not only to help you analyze fans extensively. Interaction from your own brand fans is what matters in social media. A precisely specified target group to address pushes the factor of interaction sustainably.

Social Media Marketing Report Augsburg: All facts at a glance

Currently, 286,374 people live in Augsburg’s central and outlying districts. In terms of the total area of Augsburg alone, even as an urban company you have directly about 1,950 inhabitants per square kilometre in your vicinity. That is an extremely large number of consumers. In 2010 it was still 264,708. A population trend which will last for a long time. The number of inhabitants of Augsburg grows around over thereby around 8% and/or 21,666 inhabitants in the last five years. The various research results of large online studies reveal that statistically Augsburg companies, stock corporations, start-ups and businesses spend 19 billion euros a year on advertising on the Internet and in social media – would you believe it? 6,417 Augsburgers use social media for professional reasons. Why not? New projects and also work are increasingly always present in social media for all users in times of faster communication. Statistical peaks create between 19 to 20 o’clock with 60,139 Internet users. Thus permanently 22,538 Augsburg neighbors in addition, which you will reach with smart ads and campaigns on Youtube. Around 20 – 24 o’clock, on the other hand, only 34,365 people are still online in communities. Today alone, an average of 37,601 Augsburgers will be online in social media again. Every day, 203,516 people in Augsburg are busy rating photos of friends. 14,996 new selfies of holidays or everyday life are posted. 71,501 users in Augsburg want to keep in touch with friends. 37,584 users want to communicate with other people on social media. 27,500 registered members in Augsburg try to meet acquaintances and like-minded people. 6,417 use social networks especially for new job and profession. 6,417 look for new clients every day.

Daily social media interactions from Augsburg

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions / Day
in Augsburg
113.969 13.888
Comments and Likes 107.971 13.157
News 239.935 29.237
Photos 8.398 1.023
Friends, Contacts 40.041 4.879
entertainment, chat 21.047 2.565
New acquaintances or friends 15.400 1.877
Work, Job, Career 3.593 438
Customer acquisition 2.053 250


Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
1.920.032 55.569
Visitors / year
in m
23.040.387 666.832

Times & Primetime for Augsburg

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
Users per day
in Augsburg
27.231 2.562 2.795 1.398
5-8 o’clock 4.811 585 639 319
8 am – 1 pm 23.093 2.810 3.066 1.533
13-16 h 27.263 3.318 3.619 1.810
4-8 p.m. 30.871 3.757 4.098 2.049
20-24 h 19.244 2.342 2.555 1.277
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 33.678 4.104 4.477 2.235
Daily cut 27.231 2.562 2.795 1.398
Peak increase
at a daily average
27.231 2.562 2.795 1.398