Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Düsseldorf

Social Media Marketing Düsseldorf – With features like Facebook’s Graph Search, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal, not only to help you analyze subscribers in detail. With Social Media One, your company always has the social media experts for your upcoming or even your first campaign on Instagram. As you can see, every campaign placement is demanding, that’s why we advise and serve all our clients with great pleasure and commitment. The more precisely the target group is determined by Social Media Manager, the higher your user interaction rate of your users will increase.

Concepts for Düsseldorf Brands with our Social Media Marketing

Frequently redefining and observing your own target group optimizes the conversion rate of your channels. With creative experts for online communities and experience for all relevant marketing decisions. With innovative strongly linked advertising strategies between Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. According to the ARD/ZDF online study on media usage, over 60 million German citizens are active on the Internet. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media advertising campaigns, you can be sure to reach the best people without much wastage. Meet together with us new followers for long time with good concepts. Internet: With its possibilities of digital marketing is firmly anchored in the media mix of project managers. In the largest social network Facebook alone, slightly more than a third of German Internet users are registered. Millions of potential customers that social media managers can target at any time with Facebook Ads for new products. Build brand fans now.

Social Media Basics for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Here you can find all social media marketing tutorials.

Social Media Basics for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Here you can find all social media marketing tutorials.

The digital transformation: Düsseldorf.

What makes Instagram so effective is the very precise user information. Low advertising losses, due to the very precise targeting. Instagram is often still an absolute insider tip in the sales department of companies that aggressively use social media to gain new customers.


DIY! Facebook Marketing Online Course Recommendation Düsseldorf

There are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles on the blog. However, if you want to know insiders, you have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks. Even for small businesses, this Facebook marketing course from our partner agency AdBaker is worth a look. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Now new! Social Media Marketing Speaker for Berlin

Information, whether recommendations, news or even special knowledge, reaches us people today quickly as never before. Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos and news, reaches with smartphones in previously unknown speed. Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation is in full swing. No one has stopped learning. All of our lives, whether in everyday life or at work, are becoming more digital. How is your firm responding to the opportunities and possibilities in your firm’s marketing mix? Is your firm already benefiting from the digital world now? Is your team already digitally connected in all core areas? Honestly, are you personally already benefiting from the online economy? You can also book us as a speaker & keynote speaker for your next event in Düsseldorf.

Influencer Marketing in Düsseldorf

Social analytics is the tool for agencies, companies, but also online shops and startups. But how does influencer marketing work? In our free two-hour online course, we explain blogger and influencer marketing from A-Z.

Social Media Marketing Report Düsseldorf:

All the facts for Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Düsseldorf is currently home to 612,178 people, up from 588,735 in 2010. In 2010 there were 588.735. Absolutely not a new phenomenon, the total population of Düsseldorf is growing by 4%, so 23.443 inhabitants in only five years. With 2816 inhabitants per square kilometer, online advertising for Maketer in Düsseldorf pays off. For marketers, this is a good way to get all relevant inhabitants interested in their own new product online. Results from the online studies show that statistically Düsseldorf companies spend almost 50 billion euros a year on advertising on the Internet and in social media, we did not expect such high investments in the evaluation? New projects and also the work are in social networks in times of global becoming communication always also available for all, not only for managers of companies. Everyday life is changing. More than chatting, 13,717 Düsseldorfers tend to use social media for professional interests.

Is it worth it now in measures like Youtube Ads? Oh yes!

128,557 people are online during the prime time of 4pm-8pm. Other time periods are hardly worthwhile. In comparison, only 73,461 people are online in social networks from 8pm to 2pm. Over a full day, approximately 6 – 24 o’clock, 80,379 people are online in Düsseldorf. Users in Düsseldorf are very active, not only in the topic of fashion. 412,156 times a day the “Like” button is pressed by users. Approximately 915,903 messages are sent back and forth every day in Düsseldorf, regardless of the individual day. 32,057 pictures of themselves and others are posted. 152,847 users want to keep in touch with their friends. 80,343 want to chat with others in social networks. 58,787 want to find friends. 13,717 users are looking for new professional contacts. 7,838 want to meet new clients for companies online.

Daily use of social media in Düsseldorf

To get to know your followers accurately, your team has access to fantastic tools like Facebook’s Graph Search, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Düsseldorf
5-8 o’clock10.2851.2531.367683
8 am – 1 pm49.3666.0146.5603.280
13-16 h58.2797.1007.7453.872
4-8 p.m.65.9938.0398.7704.385
20-24 h41.1385.0115.4672.733
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock71.9928.7739.5704.784
Daily cut58.2115.4835.9822.991
Peak increase
at a daily average

Behind the scenes! Most want to keep in touch with friends

People / UsersPeople / Users
Intercations / Day
in Düsseldorf
Likes, Comments230.80828.125
Contacts, friends85.59410.430
Chat, Entertainment44.9925.482
New friends, acquaintances32.9214.012
Work, Profession, Career7.682936
customer acquisition4.389535

Annual and monthly page views

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors per year
in m

Companies are more successful thanks to social media marketing in NRW

Social networks make our communication in everyday life and at work with friends as uncomplicated as never before, that’s why we humans are “Allways On”. Our managers sell brands through savvy social media management across all relevant platforms. Your Facebook agency for regional and nationwide online campaigns. Social media networks like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram offer you enormous expansion potential for your modern digital presence, national social media marketing campaigns but also perfectly targeted campaigns.

You understand, for target group oriented digital marketing, social media is made. Increase your company’s sales right now with smart marketing from Social Media One. Virality is decisive when it comes to successful advertising campaigns! Digital marketing is now a standard for media managers. Our team, not far from Düsseldorf, in the Cologne Mediapark, has designed and implemented campaigns for clients from Berlin, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt to Munich with customers. has become normal for many companies. Social media marketing has an increasingly decisive share in. Social Media One is the social media agency for all companies for your campaigns in social networks.

Working with influencers has not only been interesting since 2017 for many promising forms of advertising and marketing also due to their high reputation in social networks. In the modern promotion of new products in influencer marketing, it means to inspire opinion leaders for themselves, who are in demand as experienced people in their field at PR agencies.

New. Influencers: How social media marketing with opinion leaders really works

Influencers have, for example, a strong influence on the assessment, recommendation and evaluation of brands, employers, products and companies. Influencers are often politicians, athletes or journalists often read by their fans An influencer is a person who has made a real name for himself through good content and content, whether Youtube or Facebook. Advertising and marketing campaigns with influencers use targeted bloggers with community relevant to businesses for marketing to send targeted ads to new prospects. Raise the reputation and trust in your brand with the adapted trust through the support of influencers. In urban environments, this is often already the well-visited boutique. For media managers, influencers are:

  • Instagramer, Speaker, Youtuber, Musician
  • Celebrities and VIPs
  • Social media users with enough followers
  • Existing customers with special expertise
  • Politicians, moderators, journalists, forum operators

Three different types of influencers can basically be differentiated:

  1. Brand critics: Through all their less positive statements about the brand, they always exert a negative influence on the opinion of the followers and his recommendation. Critics are generally critical of your company.
  2. Brand lovers: They have a strong connection to the brand and have a wide range of experience, for example in marketing the brand.
  3. The brand experts: They draw on basic expertise when recommending products. They are always neutral towards companies in their work. They are recognized as experts in their field and they are available to their readers as advisors.

Here you can find more about Influencer Marketing Cologne.