Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Hannover

Social media marketing in Hannover is not much different from Lower Saxony and the rest of the country in terms of strategies and concepts. What exactly do the numbers and statistics for Hanover look like? One third of Germans are registered on Facebook, a high number of potential customers also in Berlin that you can reach specifically at any time.

Digital transformation: Modern companies are more successful thanks to social media marketing strategies

Social networks make communication with friends, family and colleagues easier than ever. Well-coordinated social media campaigns market products or services much more efficiently. We have implemented digital advertising for companies and businesses from Berlin, Hanover to Stuttgart. has become commonplace for numerous digitally advertising companies. Social media marketing has become an increasingly important percentage of the marketing budget. Still wondering why? Social media networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram offer enormous potential for your social media brand presence,international social media campaigns as well as viral events. For all companies, social media marketing is therefore a non-exchangeable tool to make effective online marketing without much wastage.

Now new! Social Media Marketing Speaker for Hanover

Gaining customers, more reach and sales, social media makes all this possible. In our presentations we give you a first expertise of your possibilities in social media marketing, with concrete strategies, from our side the best start for social media marketing already at the beginning of their career. To see which target group relevant content your managers can post and when is the most popular time for posting, we show at different best practices. Whether you need assessments on social media marketing or commerce, we can advise you. We know which network is right for you as a Hanover business with its individual circumstances. Interaction plays a big role. How and where people talk about your company, we find out for you by monitoring in the analytics. Book us as a speaker for Hanover.

Digital advertising: athletes are influencers, opinion leaders, multipliers and leading figures

The basic strategy in influencer marketing is to inspire influential experts in a selected topic area as brand advocates. Influencers, for example, exert influence on the assessment, recommendation and evaluation of brands. That is, an influencer is a person who has created a name for themselves among followers through social engagement in a specific field. Influencers are bloggers or often quoted thinkers The term influencer stands for a person who due to their strong presence and high reputation in the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram for marketing brands ideally suited In general influencer marketing of social media agencies are targeted for the guaranteed success of the action people with relevant community for products for marketing and communication purposes to send targeted marketing messages. In the urban environment, it is often already the much visited hairdresser. In influencer marketing, it is always our goal to increase the credibility and value of our own brand message based on the trust of the community to the role models or influencers. In principle, three types of influencers can be distinguished. Here you can find more about Influencer Marketing Hannover.

Not just athletes! Influencers are also:

  • Many moderators
  • Forum operators on the Internet
  • Existing customers with their years of loyalty
  • Social media users with many followers
  • Celebrities and stars
  • Media people and journalists
  • Musicians and bands
  • Instagramer
  • And so on

Social Media Manager and Social Media Consultant

We work with professionals from our personal network and know-how for the crucial core areas in marketing. For efficient marketing in we are always happy to be your agency even for challenging projects. We rely on strong, viral online marketing campaigns in our social media management! Facebook, Youtube or Instagram we manage your channels sustainably with modern ideas. Increase the sales of your campaign now. very targeted approach The Instagram agency for national and international advertising campaigns. Constantly redefining and monitoring your own target audience increases the reach of your entire channels. Online advertising is now one of the known standards of every media manager

Meet new followers together with us through new advertising ideas thought-out concepts. The media usage of people in Germany proves: 60+ million Germans are active online. Build brand fans planned now. With our agency Social Media One, the professionals for social media campaigns in Berlin, you can be sure at any minute to reach the most interested people with your advertising without much wastage. Consumers are changing their behavior patterns, so the media use is not only since the last few years potentially shifted to social networks.


With Social Media One to the first Ad Campaign

A large number of marketing representatives in companies do not yet see the potential that lies in the social network Instagram. Low advertising losses, with experience and know-how from experts. Through the business takeover of Facebook, you as the person responsible for marketing here have exactly the same advertising options in the Ad Manager, can address your target groups in Berlin extremely precisely with ads in the Instagram stream. To precisely analyze your subscribers, your marketing manager has fantastic options like Facebook’s Graph Search. Every campaign concept has its own challenges, which is why we advise all of our companies with a great deal of dedication. The more defined your target group is, the more effective the user interaction of your fans will increase.

With Social Media One, your business will always have social media consultants for your upcoming or very first ad campaign.

The Social Media Marketing Report Hannover – Today we reveal all the data!

At the moment, 532,163 citizens live in Hannover’s centre and the outskirts of the city. Social media marketing pays off for companies with approximately 2607 city residents per km². Trust your public relations. Each of them could be a potential multiplier for your new company. In 2010, there were still 522,686 people living in Hanover, a dynamic city. By no means a new phenomenon. The number of city residents of Hanover grows so by 2% or even 9,477 people in just 5 years.

Social media management for self-employed people in Hanover

Just a quick look at the various studies available in recent months and years reveals, statistically Hanover companies spend almost 40 billion euros every 12 months on online advertising, would you have thought of such high adspends? Also managers are, 6.814 people want to know further clients and Gechäftspartner. Not only in renomierten career portals. When is the advertising investment worthwhile? In the daily average approximately 6 – 24 o’clock 69,873 persons become in Hanover on-line. In the main time of 19-20 o’clock 111.754 Hanoverians are active in social media. So that’s an additional 42 thousand Hanoverians permanently that you can reach with smart ads and campaigns on Instagram. For example to this, from 13 – 16 o’clock are barely 90,468 people online ! All Hanoverians are very active in this. With rating photos, 378,190 people in Hanover are engaged daily. In Hanover alone 358,285 times on each working day the “Like” button is pressed by members. A full 27,867 pictures of themselves and others posted by members to their Timelines. Contact with friends is something 132,869 Hanover Internet users want to keep in touch with by using social media. 69,841 like to communicate with other people on social networks. Acquaintances and friends 51,103 try to get to know. Business contacts for their own network and career opportunities but also new stories are looking for 11,924 users. In search of buyers also from other major cities are looking day after day 11,924.

Main usage times for Hanover

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
Users per day
in Hanover
50.602 4.767 5.200 2.600
5-8 o’clock 8.940 1.089 1.188 594
8 am – 1 pm 42.914 5.228 5.703 2.851
13-16 h 50.662 6.171 6.733 3.366
4-8 p.m. 57.367 6.988 7.624 3.812
20-24 h 35.761 4.356 4.752 2.376
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 62.582 7.626 8.319 4.158
Daily cut 50.602 4.767 5.200 2.600
Peak increase
at a daily average
50.602 4.767 5.200 2.600

That’s why Hanoverians are active on social media!

Get creative, tell your fans your story and inspire, especially as an already successful company brand fans for your brand and for many years. The more precise your target group, the stronger the interaction of your channel.

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
daytime interactions
in Hanover
211.786 25.807
Comments, Likes 200.640 24.449
News 445.866 54.331
Photos 15.605 1.902
Contacts, friends 74.407 9.067
Chat, Entertainment 39.111 4.766
New acquaintances, friends 28.618 3.487
Work, Profession, Career 6.678 814
New customers, acquisition 3.816 465

Annual and monthly page views

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
3.571.529 103.263
Visitors / year
in m
42.858.342 1.239.161