Hanover: Keynote Speaker for Social Media & Trade Fairs

Social Media Hannover – Communication is the spreading of news, emotions but also knowledge. Today it reaches people with smartphones quickly, as never before in media history. No one is unlearned on the job and the digital transformation is in full swing. More and more managers understand the new trend. Information, whether it’s knowledge, news or recommendations, reaches us quickly and efficiently like never before. Our lives, whether in everyday life or at work, are becoming more and more digital. Now, of course, this raises the question: are you personally already benefiting from the digital economy? Are you already using the digital world profitably? How is your company reacting to the numerous new digital opportunities in marketing?

Marketing success in digital transformation with keynote speakers

In everyday life, we are digital natives 24 hours a day. In our presentations we present the new trends in marketing and unique best practices. We offer practical experience and know-how from different projects. We answer your questions as keynote speakers at lectures. The digitalization trend can be seen everywhere.

We speak for managers who align their brand with digital transformation through social media and digital business models. Turn current non-buyers into new consumers, brand users and bring them to final brand loyalty. Because that’s how they become true brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors. And of course, our lectures are also for freelancers and self-employed people who want to learn about the digital concepts and strategies of social media marketing.

Answers to your questions about digital transformation

Our consultants will provide you with answers to social media marketing questions:

  • How can you connect your company digitally?
  • What technical know-how and expertise does your company need to adapt?
  • Are you using social selling for marketing?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • How does digitalization affect your industry?
  • In what ways do you attract influencers and ambassadors?

Social media marketing: focus and current topics

We focus on these topics in our speeches: social media services, social commerce, social media marketing case studies, social media optimization, content marketing and social media campaigns. Send us your non-binding booking request now.

Get advice from our experts now

New social networks like Whatsapp are no less relevant for social media marketing managers than traditional social networks. To ensure that Social Media Advertising does not lose its effectiveness, we develop deeper concepts and strategies. Only through new ideas and concepts can companies increase their sales through social media marketing or commerce. Interaction is what matters in social media. A precisely defined target group pushes the interaction rate like likes considerably. efficient community communication Youtube, Facebook or Instagram: We organize your social media channels sustainably with modern concepts. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter: We take care of your fan pages in their entirety with multimedia concepts. The web as a sales channel, with its possibilities of digital marketing, has successfully found its way into the strategy mix of project managers for many years. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instgram offer your campaign enormous potential for high-reach events and efficient communication with the community. What we find as a social media agency for our clients – the virality in social networks. In digital marketing, our agency has expertise for all social networks. Convince together with us as a social media manager fans for a long time with good digital marketing strategies!

Social networks offer both risks and opportunities, which we also bring closer to people in German media. As speakers, we like to pass on our knowledge to the new generation of managers. Understandable, clear and with examples as well as new insiders. Your social media experts.

Speaker for your conference or trade fair in Lower Saxony

Very often, as a speaker at a conference, we only have half an hour for the entire presentation with all its facets; if you are lucky, one hour to convey your special topic in a structured and clear manner. As a keynote speaker at conferences, the preparation of the presentation is the most important thing in order to convey all content in a bundled and comprehensible way.

In the appointments is often noticeable, many listeners in the audience of the Congress are looking for a basic understanding in the field. Therefore, many presentations are also aimed at audiences that bring less experience to the presentation. We have categorized workshops and speeches into separate experience levels specifically for this purpose, so as speakers we will cater individually to the knowledge level of the attendees, promising a perfect outcome. Learn more about our keynote speakers and speakers here.

Social Media – Training, Speaker & Agency

We work daily on social networks, run Facebook Ads, plan and produce videos for Youtube marketing, organize photo shoots for Instagram and do promotion via TikTok, partly with influencers, partly with organic and paid reach. For beginners, workshops focus on basic questions, “How do I approach my visitors? You or you?”, for advanced users mostly about “How can we increase our reach?”. We deliver A-Z solutions for you and your people.

Further education – workshops and lectures by our experts

✓ Basics – Social Media Marketing
✓ Goals – Social Media Thinking and Development
✓ Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
✓ Influencer – contact to campaign
✓ Switch Ads – Ad Management
â photo and video production – editorial plan and content marketing
Read more about our lectures and dates here:

Agency – Facebok, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Social Media Trainer: Coaches for your employees in Hannover

. With full commitment and effective cooperation, methods, guidelines and strategies are developed. To keep entire departments on the technological cutting edge of things, clubs book as a trainer for social media. As a trainer at really spends a lot of time , so for you to meet all the goals . More about our social media trainers. More about our speakers and social media writers. Our social media marketing lecturers.

We offer speeches for marketing, commerce, channels, optimization, campaigns, services

The easiest start even for beginners with concrete strategies and an assessment and expertise of your possibilities. When monitoring in social networks, we find out together when, where and how people are talking about your brand, interaction plays a big role in monitoring. You can achieve a lot via Facebook through targeted monitoring. Social networks can efficiently support you in gaining employees, new customers and reach for your company in a sustainable way. Our consultants will find out which social medium is the right one for you for cross-media marketing. Our managers will be happy to advise you further, whether you need information about social commerce or monitoring. Which content you or your managers can publish and when is the most popular time for it, we explain with multifaceted best practices.

Increase your reach with Instagram interaction

Get creative, tell your users a company story and inspire fans for years to come, especially as a start up. Get the power of social media marketing. Build long-term brand fans without delay and use creative tools like retargeting pixels to generate leads. a modern brand presence. The more sharply defined your target audience, the higher the user interaction rate of your social media channel. With functions such as Graph Search from Facebook, you have great tools at your disposal in Adsmanager, not only to analyse followers extensively, but also to create exact advertising concepts.

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