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Social Media Agentur Berlin – In our presentations we present best practices from around the world and the new trends in marketing. Digitalization and digital transformation are always and everywhere present. In everyday life, we are digital natives twenty-four hours a day. No theoretical knowledge, we offer practical experience and know-how from many media projects. We answer your questions at our lectures as social media speakers.

Marketing and Management – Your Speakers

Communication, the global dissemination of information, photos and news, reaches with smartphones in unprecedented speed worldwide. Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether it’s news, recommendations or even shopping tips. Not just since yesterday, the digital transformation in full swing, none of us has ever learned everything in the profession. Our entire lives are increasingly digital. How is your business responding to the possibilities and opportunities in marketing? Is your brand already benefiting from the new digital environment? Is your team digitally connected? Honestly, are you personally benefiting from online commerce?

Through social media marketing and management, you turn non-buyers into new consumers and sustainable brand users. Then get them to become brand loyalists. This is how non-buyers and brand users become true brand fans and ultimately brand sponsors. Our talks are especially inspiring for managers and employees who want to achieve the highest reach in social media marketing. Likewise, all our lectures are also for publicists and self-employed people who want to expand their digital strategies through social media.

Social Media – Training, Speaker & Agency

We work daily on social networks, run Facebook Ads, plan and produce videos for Youtube marketing, organize photo shoots for Instagram and do promotion via TikTok, partly with influencers, partly with organic and paid reach. For beginners, workshops focus on basic questions, “How do I approach my visitors? You or you?”, for advanced users mostly about “How can we increase our reach?”. We deliver A-Z solutions for you and your people.

Further education – workshops and lectures by our experts

✓ Basics – Social Media Marketing
✓ Goals – Social Media Thinking and Development
✓ Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
✓ Influencer – contact to campaign
✓ Switching ads – Ad management
â photo and video production – editorial plan and content marketing
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Agency – Facebok, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Help and answers for social media marketing managers

Our agency gives you the most important answers to questions in social media marketing in our lectures:

  • Are you using social selling for effective promotion and marketing?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • What positioning and reputation can your project achieve in a networked world with marketing?
  • What technical know-how and expertise does your team need?
  • In what way do you convince influencers?
  • How is the current digitalization changing your industry?

Topics and focus of our social media marketing

We focus on these core areas in our presentations: Content Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Optimization and Monitoring, Social Commerce, Social Media Services and Social Media Marketing. Send us a non-binding booking request for your next conference now.

The experts and consultants for trade fairs in Berlin

To ensure that social media marketing does not lose its effectiveness, we continue to develop strategies and concepts. Only through innovative approaches and concepts can brands improve digital sales through social commerce. We as social media speakers and experts look at the established social networks as well as the new social networks. With case studies and new insiders, understandable and simply explained. We also bring the opportunities and risks of social networks closer to people in the media, with all their facets. To pass knowledge on to the next generation at some point, fills Speaker with joy. Our social media experts.

Social Media Speaker for Berlin Events

We often notice that many audience members want to improve their understanding of social media. That’s why many presentations are aimed at audiences who are actually outside the field. For the different levels of knowledge, the presentations are divided into experience-based difficulty levels. Conceptualizing the topics is often difficult because for a relatively broad and complex topic like social media, you often only have three quarters of an hour in the presentation to cover all the basics. As a speaker, the targeted preparation of the speech, tailored to the audience present, is crucial in order to convey all the content of the speech in a comprehensible and structured manner. Learn more about our speakers and speakers.

With instruction to long-term success thanks to social media trainer

With Facebook and Instagram, one usually starts as a speaker at the very beginning. With full commitment and effective collaboration, this involves working with managers on methods and strategies. We are called upon by many companies and businesses who want to bring their managers up to speed with the latest technology. As a social media trainer you stay with your managers for a few hours, sometimes weeks, in order to achieve the best results for your clients. Your Trainers. Find out about our speakers and authors here. More about our speakers and social media instructors.

Presentations for advertising campaigns, optimization and management

Social media can effectively help your teams win sales, new customers and more reach. In our presentations, we give a first expertise of your possibilities, with practical, concrete methods, the most suitable start for social media marketing managers. In order for you to see which target group relevant content your employees can post, respectively also when is the most popular time for it, we show with different best practices from the professional everyday life. At each appointment, our consultants will find out which social medium will be the right one for you and your individual circumstances for cross-media marketing. Our managers will be happy to advise you further, whether you need assessments on social commerce, customer care or monitoring. When monitoring KPIs in social networks, we find out where, how and when your brand is discussed; interaction plays a central role in monitoring.

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Influencers and brand ambassadors for your product launch: Instagram for agencies and companies in Berlin

We rely on viral media! The more precise your target group, the more effective your user interaction of your channel. Reach fans with well-prepared strategies! In marketing, our social media agency has experts for your campaigns and actions. The more defined the target group the stronger the user interaction of your fans. With innovative and cross-media concepts between Facebook and Instagram. Efficient target group communication.


Social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram offer your social media campaign enormous potential for your unique presence in social media, very targeted approach as well as extremely fast reach increase. Win fans together with us as social media managers with planned concepts. Get the attraction of social media marketing for your event! National campaigns. Habitual behavior patterns are changing, so media usage is shifting more and more to social media. With features like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, you have great options available in Ad Manager to increase the efficiency of the channel. Not only to help you analyze fans in detail. With innovative strongly linked ideas between Facebook, Snapchat and other social networks Instagram. Find out more about influencer marketing here.