Munich: Keynote Speaker for Social Media Marketing in Bavaria

Social Media Munich – As digital natives, we always spend our time on the social web. We speak from concrete project experience, not from theoretical knowledge from social media books, for example by lecturers. Using practical case studies, we show you the new and most promising trends and ideas for your own social media marketing. As speakers at our lectures in Munich, we will provide answers to your questions. The trend towards digitalisation can be seen everywhere.

Speaker for conversion in the digital transformation

Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether recommendations, news or even special knowledge. The current digital transformation is in full swing. No one has stopped learning. Communication It reaches us people nowadays quickly, as never before people. Our entire lives are increasingly digital. Now the question arises: Are you personally already benefiting from online commerce? Is the new digital world already being used profitably by your team? How do you react to the digital opportunities in modern marketing?

Relevant answers and help for social media managers

With social media marketing, you turn current non-buyers into new consumers, brand users and bring them to final brand loyalty. Because this is how they become real brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors who are happy to recommend you. Our lectures in Munich inspire of course in particular managers and employees, who want to reach highest ranges. The same applies to freelancers and self-employed people who want to expand their digital scope of action through the opportunities offered by social media marketing. Our consultants will give you answers to questions:

  • Is your industry being permanently changed by digital transformation?
  • What is your company’s positioning and reputation in the digital world?
  • How can you use new things like social selling for your company?
  • In what ways do you persuade influencers and brand ambassadors?
  • How can you digitally network your company?
  • How do you position your company operationally and strategically in the digital transformation?
  • What technology and skills does your company need to take advantage of digital opportunities?

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Social Media – Training, Speaker & Agency

We work daily on social networks, run Facebook Ads, plan and produce videos for Youtube marketing, organize photo shoots for Instagram and do promotion via TikTok, partly with influencers, partly with organic and paid reach. For beginners, workshops focus on basic questions, “How do I approach my visitors? You or you?”, for advanced users mostly about “How can we increase our reach?”. We deliver A-Z solutions for you and your people.

Further education – workshops and lectures by our experts

✓ Basics – Social Media Marketing
✓ Goals – Social Media Thinking and Development
✓ Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
✓ Influencer – contact to campaign
✓ Switch Ads – Ad Management
â photo and video production – editorial plan and content marketing
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Agency – Facebok, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

The basics of marketing and management

We focus on these points in our presentations: Content Marketing, Social Media Services, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Campaigns and Social Media Optimization.

Leadpower on Instagram: Cooperate with influencers in young target groups

Our social media management focus on viral brands in our social media management. Tell your personal story to your Munich fans on social media and gain brand fans for your brand and for many years to come! Internet: With its possibilities of digital marketing has been entering the strategy mix of marketing departments for so many years. The more precise your target audience is determined the higher the interaction of your social media channel will be. Always well advised. In brand marketing, we at Social Media One offer expertise for your campaign. Get creative, tell your fans your individual story and convince, especially as an already successful company followers for your brand and for many years. Get the power of social media marketing for your event! efficient communication with the community. Build brand fans today, use creative tools like retargetingpixel for lead generation. With smart cross-media ideas between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Social Media Marketing designs for you rapid reach increase, and a unique digital presence. efficient interaction with the community.

With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your project manager has great tools at their disposal in Ads Manager to improve the channel, not just to get to know you fans in detail. Interaction matters. A precisely targeted audience increases the interaction rate like “Like” statements decisively. very targeted approach With innovative multimedia ideas between Youtube and Facebook. Find out more about influencer marketing here.

The social media experts for meetings in Munich

With these methods, your brand can not only increase new digital, but also retail (POS) sales. As a social media expert, we look at the traditional social networks as well as the new ones around the world. To ensure that social media marketing does not lose its level of effectiveness, we carry forward concepts and strategies. Giving knowledge is what drives speakers. Social Networks offer opportunities and risks for companies, which we also bring closer to people in German broadcast media, with all their challenges for managers. Simple, clear, understandable and with insiders from managers as well as examples. Our experts.

Speaker for events

The preparation of the speech is crucial for speakers on speeches to convey all the content of the speech bundled and understandable. As a conference speaker, there is often only half an hour. If you’re lucky, an hour to package a topic as complex as online and social media marketing and management in a structured way for the audience. We have specially categorised talks into different levels of experience for our clients, thus our speakers will individually cater to the audience’s personal level of knowledge, guaranteeing a perfect outcome with lasting insight. In the appointments often notice, many are looking for a basic understanding in the field. That’s why many of our presentations are aimed at an audience outside the field. Our Social Media Speakers.

Social Media Trainer: With guidance to sustainable success

In addition, there are many new important networks such as Twitter, Snapchat as well as Pinterest and of course new direct marketing methods such as Whatsapp or through bots in Facebook. As a trainer, it is always about designing concepts in trustful cooperation with your responsible employees, in Munich Germany and Europe.

We are hired as coaches by numerous companies and brands who want to keep their departments up to date. As a trainer and coach at times spends a lot of time in each department, with the staff, to meet all the agreed goals for the client and in some cases increase your sales while they are still doing it. Our social media marketing consultants and trainers. Our authors. More about our social media lecturers.

Initial consultation for marketing, commerce and social media campaigns

We demonstrate which target group-relevant content your employees should publish and also when the most popular time for this is with various best practices from everyday work. Social media can help your managers reach out to potential customers and employees. On our speeches we give you a first expertise of your possibilities, with practical, concrete multimedia methods, from our point of view the most suitable start for social media. Whether you need tips on social media marketing or customer care, we can advise you at any time. Our consultants know right away which medium is best for you for online marketing. When monitoring social networks, we find out where, how and when people are talking about your company. Book the best speakers all over Germany:

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