Essen: Speaker for Social Media Management

Communication is the spread of knowledge, news but also emotions. Today, with smartphones, it reaches people quickly, like never before people. None of us is unlearned in his job and the digital transformation has arrived in the priority of companies, more and more online marketing managers respond to the trend to modern concepts in their own company. Information reaches people faster than ever before, whether it’s breaking news, recommendations from friends and idols, or even shopping tips. The entire life, whether in everyday life or in the job, is becoming more and more digital. Does the online economy bring you first returns? Is your brand already benefiting from the digital environment? How is your company reacting to the new opportunities in marketing?

Speaker – Success through social media marketing in the digital transformation

In the lecture we will present you the new trends in marketing and also best practices from all over the world. Everywhere you can see the trend of digitalization. We answer your big questions as speakers and keynote speakers at our lectures. At lectures we speak from concrete project experience, not from theoretical knowledge and know how of third parties, from books. In everyday life, we are digital natives 24 h a day, we are permanently online. Read more about our Social Media Services Essen here,

Likewise, all the talks are also for publicists and freelancers who want to understand the digital strategies of social media marketing. Digital brand fans? Through your strategy, non-buyers become consumers, brand users and, via loyalty, true fans and ultimately brand sponsors for your company. Our lectures in Essen and North Rhine-Westphalia inspire especially managers who want to achieve the highest reach in social media but also marketing managers who align their actions through social media marketing and digital business models after the digital transformation or in the sense of the digitalization wave.

Social Media – Training, Speaker & Agency

We work daily on social networks, run Facebook Ads, plan and produce videos for Youtube marketing, organize photo shoots for Instagram and do promotion via TikTok, partly with influencers, partly with organic and paid reach. For beginners, workshops focus on basic questions, “How do I approach my visitors? You or you?”, for advanced users mostly about “How can we increase our reach?”. We deliver A-Z solutions for you and your people.

Further education – workshops and lectures by our experts

✓ Basics – Social Media Marketing
✓ Goals – Social Media Thinking and Development
✓ Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
✓ Influencer – contact to campaign
✓ Switch Ads – Ad Management
â photo and video production – editorial plan and content marketing
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Agency – Facebok, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Answers to your questions about digital markets

Our speakers will give you the most important answers to the most important questions in our lectures:

  • Perception of the target group: What positioning can your company achieve in the new digital world?
  • How can you convince influencers of your company for a long-term collaboration?
  • Is your industry impacted by the current digital transformation?
  • How do you make your company fit for digitalization?
  • How can you profitably apply trends like social selling to your business?
  • Which technical know how and which competences do your employees need?

Topics and focus of our social media management lectures

We place particular emphasis on the following keywords in our presentations: social media campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, social commerce, social media services and social media optimization. Send us your non-binding booking request now.

The experts for events in Essen

We as social media experts observe the traditional social networks, such as Youtube, as well as the new social networks around the world. For all social media managers and experts, the conception of digital campaigns is about developing the form of digital advertising in social networks and search engines. Because only with innovative approaches, ideas and concepts can companies increase digital sales through social commerce. We also convey the specific risks and opportunities of social networks in broadcasting. Understandable, simply structured and with examples as well as new insiders. As speakers, we are happy to pass on our know-how to the current generation of managers. Learn more about our speakers and experts here.

Speaker for your event

Managers know that preparation is the most important thing as a speaker at conferences in Essen in order to convey all the content of the speech in a structured and understandable way. Quite often we have only half an hour as a speaker at a conference. If it goes well, one hour to convey his demanding topic structured and clear for the audience.

We often notice that many are looking for a basic understanding in the field, many had little contact with the matter before, so of course we also take into account audience without expertise in all our presentations. For individual knowledge from Essen, we have split our presentations into different levels of difficulty. More about our speakers and social media speakers.

Immediate success for your managers thanks to social media marketing trainers

We are called upon by numerous companies and brands when they want to bring their older managers up to speed with the latest technology to know new attitudes and opportunities. As a trainer you spend a few days with the employees to achieve all the goals decided for you and to increase the profit. In trustful cooperation with the employee, concepts, methods and strategies are developed. We often start at the very beginning, with the basic possibilities of Facebook and Youtube. Learn more about our keynote speakers and trainers. Here you can find more information about our speakers and trainers. Your social meda marketing consultants and authors.

We offer lectures for Channels, Commerce and Management

When monitoring KPIs in social networks, we find out through analysis when and how people talk about your company in social media, interaction plays a central role in monitoring. In our presentations, we give you an initial assessment of your options, with practical, concrete recommendations for action – from the agency’s point of view, the best start for social media marketing managers at the beginning of their career. In order for you to see which target group-relevant content your managers should publish and when is the optimal time for postings, we will use various best practice examples from everyday professional life. Social media can support you in gaining customers and sales in a sustainable way. Whether you need information about social commerce, customer care or monitoring, we can advise you at any time. Our consultants will find out which medium is right for you and your individual circumstances for online marketing.

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Leadpower Instagram: Rely on brand ambassadors

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