Social Media Marketing Report Bielefeld

According to the ARD/ZDF study, more than 60 million German citizens are active on the Internet. 1 in 3 Germans is registered on Facebook. Potential customers also in Berlin, which you can advertise extremely precisely at any time. What makes Instagram so strong as an influencer channel is its very fine target group targeting.

Social Media Marketing: Instantly more fans for your channel

Our managers sell products through smart social media campaigns. The simple and understandable operation of social networks make communication in everyday life and work with friends so uncomplicated.

Offensive advertising in online portals is today to the very normal standards for media managers rapid reach increase Social Media One is the media agency for all companies for your campaigns in social media. You see, for target group specific online marketing our social media managers are your contact persons. For viral concepts we have dedicated consultants for you. We rely on viral media in our social media management. Increase the sales of your campaign. Social Media Marketing designs for your project management your unique appearance in social media, very targeted targeting of user groups and extremely fast increase in reach. has become the standard for many digital advertising companies. Social media contributes an ever increasing share to the campaign budget. We know, for your digital success it is important to know your market, your prospects and your potential buyers as precisely as possible, to track them afterwards, to define them even more segmented and to refine them all the time. With smart and social media advertising strategies between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf but also Stuttgart we managed advertising campaigns with our partners. We work with the right social media managers from the personal network for group dynamics for all areas for online marketing. Build brand fans for yourself and your agency now. Internet: With all its extremely fast communication processes has been making its way into the media mix of project managers for many years. Our agency that you for social media management in Berlin the creative experts to have. Win together with us as social media managers new buyers with well-made digital marketing strategies!

Use Instagram as an insider tip

Instagram is often still an insider’s tip in the sales department of large companies that specifically promote social media marketing to gain new leads. Due to the specialized user group, young people, you can always count on little emerging scattershot marketing efforts. With features like Graph Search, you have great options at your disposal. Not only to analyze your subscribers in detail. This is how you create precise social media concepts. With Social Media One you have social media consultants for your next or first campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Interaction matters in social media marketing, a precisely targeted audience will increase interaction sustainably for your brand. As you can feel, every campaign placement is individual, that’s why we serve all our companies with enthusiasm and a lot of initiative plans.

Your Social Media Marketing Report Bielefeld: We reveal all data!

333,090 inhabitants currently live and work in Bielefeld. That is really a lot of new potential customers, immediately, not far away in your immediate vicinity. In 2010, 323,270 still lived in Bielefeld, Bielefeld is so seen a permanently changing city. Not a new trend, the population of Bielefeld is thus growing by 3% or 9,820 city residents in just 5 years. Calculated down to Bielefeld’s total area alone, you as an urban startup can directly have about 1287 people per km² in your area. The different datasets of studies state. Statistically Bielefeld companies 24 billion euros annually in digital promotion, would you have thought of such high adspends? New projects and also the work are in social media in times of faster becoming communication increasingly also available for all Internet users, Not only for CEOs. Why not? 7.464 Bielefelders use social media absolutely of course also for professional reasons. 69,949 Bielefelders are active in social media with comments and chats in the phase from 19-20 o’clock. So you get 26 thousand more people here! Comparatively, between 1pm to 4pm, 56,625 people are still online ! 43,735 Bielefelders are online in the period from 6-24 o’clock in the evening.

In purely statistical terms, 236,716 people from Bielefeld are involved with rating friends’ photos every day. In the Bielefeld area alone, the “Like” button is pressed 224,257 times every single working day. Approximately 498,349 messages and voice messages are sent back and forth, regardless of the month. And a whopping 17,442 selfies posted by friends. Chatting on social media is what 43,715 want to do. Making acquaintances and friends is what 31,987 want to do. Day after day, 7,464 Internet users in Bielefeld are looking for buyers.

Daily use in Bielefeld

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Bielefeld
31.673 2.984 3.255 1.627
5-8 o’clock 5.596 682 744 372
8 am – 1 pm 26.860 3.272 3.570 1.785
13-16 h 31.710 3.863 4.214 2.107
4-8 p.m. 35.907 4.374 4.772 2.386
20-24 h 22.384 2.727 2.975 1.487
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 39.171 4.773 5.207 2.603
Daily cut 31.673 2.984 3.255 1.627
Peak increase
at a daily average
31.673 2.984 3.255 1.627

Daily social media interactions from Bielefeld

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Intercations / Day
in Bielefeld
132.561 16.153
Likes and comments 125.584 15.303
News 279.075 34.006
Photos 9.768 1.190
Friends, Contacts 46.572 5.675
Entertainment, Chats 24.480 2.983
New friends, acquaintances 17.912 2.183
Profession, Job, Career 4.180 509
customer acquisition 2.388 291

Page views from Bielefeld

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
2.235.562 64.634
Visitors / year
in m
26.826.744 775.612