Social Media Marketing Report Aachen

The ease of use of social networks make our everyday communication with our friends, family and colleagues so simple. Smart social media campaigns market new products or services much more efficiently and through precise target group targeting with less wastage than in traditional media. For all companies and businesses, social media marketing is therefore an indispensable tool for effective online marketing without much wastage.

Digital transformation: Brands are more successful through social media marketing

Facebook, Youtube or Instagram: Our agents manage your channels wholeheartedly with modern strategies in marketing. Increase your profits. Virality is considered the most crucial factor when it comes to successful media campaigns! Online marketing is today to the standard marketing tools for media managers Our agency advertising for companies from Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf to Munich with customers and companies realized. As you can see, for your marketing it is important to know your target group and your market exactly, then to track it by smart tracking tools on your media, to define it even more segmented and to develop it permanently. For nationwide concepts we have the best campaign managers for your project. We work with social media managers from our personal network of specialists and know how for the relevant decisions for online marketing. For product promotion in we are always happy to be your agency. international social media campaigns has become commonplace for many agencies, social media marketing has a crucial percentage contribution to the advertising budget. Social media marketing allows you to have a unique presence in social media, multinational social media marketing campaigns but also high reach events.

Build brand fans now. Meet fans for many years with good strategies together with us as social media managers! Our social media agents have advised many small and medium-sized companies and designed and implemented many extremely successful campaigns, for example in the insurance industry, reliably with innovation and attention to detail. In the largest social network Facebook alone, a little more than one in three Germans is registered, potential customers also in Berlin, which social media managers can target at any time with ads for new brands. With us you get professionals for Facebook advertising campaigns in Berlin your team can be sure to reach the most interested people with your advertising. According to ARD and ZDF Online Study, three quarters of German citizens are active on the Internet. Marketing on the web, with its extremely fast communication processes has been successfully entering the media mix of project managers for decades.

Skillful management: avoiding wastage

Promote low wastage due to the very precisely adjustable target audience. What distinguishes Instagram, especially from other social networks like Tumblr is its very accurate data of users. A large number of marketing departments still do not see the social network Instagram as an efficient or high-reach channel to find new customers.

Our social media marketing managers advise our companies with self-interest and personal motivation, because as you can see, each project has its own elements with it. With our social media management, your brand will always have social media consulting experts for your planned or first ad campaign on Instagram and Facebook. With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal to improve their channel. Not only to help you analyze fans precisely. The interaction of the users in Berlin is what matters in social media marketing, the precisely targeted audience increases the factor of interaction sustainably.


This is how Aachen ticks: The important figures for you as a social media marketer

Currently 245,885 people live and work at home in Aachen. Clear advantage, with a population density of 1,529 inhabitants / square kilometer is worth advertising for brands in Aachen and its surrounding area. Trust your own power. Every one of them could be a potential brand ambassador for your next company. In 2010 there were 258,664 people living in Aachen, an ever-changing city. A trend that continues longer, the population of Aachen is shrinking over so by -12,779 people or -5% in the last five years.

The Masterplan! Social Media Management for Aachen Companies, free of charge

Just a simple, look of a marketing manager on online studies shows. Statistically Aachener companies and firms almost 20 billion euros a year in digital advertising, with such high sums we have not expected today? 5.510 Aachener open social media naturally also for vocational. Why not? Work, new projects, etc. are always present for everyone in social media in times of global communication. Now when is it worth it in like Instagram campaigns? The highest values reach the users in social networks every day between about 19 to about 20 o’clock with 51,636 Aacheners. This means an additional 19 thousand people every single day. 32,285 Aacheners are usually online between 6 and 24 o’clock in the evening. Correspondingly, there are then barely 29,506 people online between 20-24 o’clock, undeniably fewer people. 367,878 personal messages are sent, regardless of the individual day. And 12,876 new photos posted by users. In social networks 32,270 would like to chat. 5,510 users in Aachen use communities especially for job and career.

Main usage times for Aachen

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Aachen
5-8 o’clock4.131502547274
8 am – 1 pm19.8282.4072.6261.313
13-16 h23.4082.8423.1001.550
4-8 p.m.26.5063.2183.5111.755
20-24 h16.5232.0062.1891.094
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock28.9163.5243.8441.915
Daily cut23.3812.1952.3951.197
Peak increase
at a daily average

Backstage! That’s why Aachener Online

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions per day
in Aachen
Comments, Likes92.70511.297
Friends, Contacts34.3794.189
Chat, Entertainment18.0712.202
New friends, acquaintances13.2231.611
Work, Job, Career3.085376
Customer acquisition1.763215

Visits per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m