Social Media Marketing Report Würzburg

Our social media managers promote innovative brands and products through smart social media campaigns. The video, photo and messaging features of social networks make everyday communication with our friends, family and colleagues so fast, that’s why we are always online, so always reachable. Always well advised. In digital marketing, our agency offers experts for your campaigns and actions. Youtube, Facebook or even Instagram: Our consultants manage your fan pages with always new modern ideas. has become standard for many agencies. Social media contributes a share to the campaign budget.

Brand Ambassador, Influencer, Social Media Marketing

For all companies, innovative social media marketing is therefore an unavoidable tool for clever digital marketing. The frequent redefinition and observation of your own target group increases the success of your online advertising. Virality is the crucial point when it comes to unique companies for established projects. efficient target group communication Social Media Marketing offers a unique digital presence for your company, national social media marketing campaigns but also wide-reaching events. Immediately increase your net sales of your business. Online advertising is now becoming the standard marketing tools for media managers Social Media One is the media agency for businesses with a desire for success for your campaigns on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Social Media One: your agency for Facebook for regional and nationwide online campaigns.


60 million Germans use the Internet

With Social Media One, the professionals for Facebook campaigns in Berlin, your team can be sure to reach the right users with your advertising at any time without major wastage. Habits are changing, so media usage is potentially shifting to social media. According to the ARD/ZDF study, more than sixty million German citizens are active on the internet. Through the company takeover of Instagram by Facebook, you as a responsible person in marketing have the same opportunities to place targeted advertising as and can find your customers very precisely with ads in the Instagram stream.

Many marketing departments in agencies still don’t see Instagram as a high-reach sales channel for their products. Low wastage due to the finely controllable target group. To analyze your fans and more in detail, your marketing manager has highly efficient tools from Facebook itself Graph Search. With our social media managers, your brand has social media consulting experts for the next or first advertising campaign on Instagram. At Social Media One we always advise our clients with self interest and commitment, you can see brings every advertising campaign is special. Interaction is what matters in social media marketing. A precisely specified target audience to address pushes interaction like likes considerably for your company.

Social media marketing for Würzburg target groups for companies

In Würzburg’s centre and its outskirts 124,873 people currently live with their families or as singles. Online marketing is profitable for your online campaign with approximately 1,425 inhabitants / square kilometer. If you now add the surrounding area of Würzburg, you get an impressive number of potential, new interested parties. In 2010, 133,799 people still lived in Würzburg, Würzburg is a constantly changing city. By no means a new phenomenon, the total population of Würzburg is shrinking by a whole -8,926 city residents or -7% in just 5 years. The different results of online studies show, statistically seen Würzburg companies, corporations and enterprises 7 billion euros a year in digital advertising, already knew? Of course, so are managers themselves, a full 1,599 want to find new clients and business partners every day, not only in well-known networks for entrepreneurs.

Peak social media users make 26,223 people between 7-8pm daily. During peak usage time, you can reach 10 thousand more people with your online advertising! Other time periods are only worthwhile for advertising investments to a limited extent. Around 1 p.m. to around 4 p.m., only 21,228 people from Würzburg are online. 16,396 Würzburgers are online on average today between 6 a.m. and midnight, on a notebook or smartphone. 88,743 Würzburgers post or comment on pictures and photos. Only in Würzburg 84,072x on every single day Like is pressed by members in social networks. 186,827 messages are sent back and forth every day, from tablet to tablet. And a whole 6,539 new selfies are posted by friends of people who are logged in.

31,178 Würzburg Internet users want to keep in touch with friends. 16,388 want to talk to others in social media. 2,798 are looking for professional contacts for their own network and job opportunities. And a whole 1,599 want to get to know new influencers online.

Daily use of social media in Würzburg

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
User / day
in Würzburg
11.874 1.111 1.212 606
5-8 o’clock 2.098 254 277 138
8 am – 1 pm 10.070 1.218 1.329 665
13-16 h 11.888 1.438 1.569 785
4-8 p.m. 13.461 1.629 1.777 888
20-24 h 8.391 1.015 1.108 554
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 14.685 1.789 1.952 969
Daily cut 11.874 1.111 1.212 606
Peak increase
at a daily average
11.874 1.111 1.212 606

Daily interactions from Würzburg

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions per day
in Würzburg
49.696 6.056
Comments and Likes 47.080 5.737
News 104.623 12.749
Photos 3.662 446
Friends, Contacts 17.460 2.128
conversations, chat 9.178 1.118
New acquaintances, friends 6.715 818
Work, job and career 1.567 191
Customer acquisition 895 109

Monthly and annual visits from Würzburg

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
832.462 24.231
Visitors / year
in m
9.989.538 290.771