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Can Challenge goes viral! Farid Bang x Silberpfeil – Setting new standards!

Dosenchallenge – The man has ideas! Thanks to Farid Bang(Ambassador), our client Silberpfeil is in the headlines again very briefly this week, we just say Next Level Social Marketing! Not only on Instagram, TikTok the “Dosenchallenge” goes viral, also online magazines like Watson report about “Farid Bang starts the Dosenchallenge” and further “Of course he […]

Create infographics with Photoshop: design, SEO and viral posts – free explanatory videos (German)

Designing infographics yourself with Photoshop is not that difficult! As long as you take a little time, get to know some tools and learn how to work with layers and groups. With this knowledge you can create great infographics within minutes. For your blog, for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or even for your news section in […]

Video agency for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram: Storyboard, virality and ads

Social Media Videos for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram – Prepared in the different facets and for the different target groups, videos ensure that products get into the market and find their buyers, whether it is financed by advertising or by virality (word of mouth), all by itself. Film is the be-all and end-all today! Especially […]

Facebook Marketing 2017 – Success through fanpage, design and ads

Facebook is now the giant, the old man and yet the innovator. Thus, innovations in the functions, the possibilities, in the design and of course social media innovations like Facebook Live come constantly. If you are not yet using Facebook extensively, take a look at the new, simple design

Social Media Marketing Report Würzburg

Our social media managers promote innovative brands and products through smart social media campaigns. The video, photo and messaging features of social networks make everyday communication with our friends, family and colleagues so fast, that’s why we are always online, so always reachable. Always well advised. In digital marketing, our agency offers experts for your […]

Social Media Marketing Report Salzgitter

Schlaue Kampagnen in Soziale Medien verkaufen Ihre neuen Produkte oder Dienstleistungen deutlich effektiver und durch Zielgruppentargeting mit wesentlich geringerem Streuverlust als in klassischen Medien, wie Zeitungen.