Mention – Marking on Social Media Channels

Mentions are markings of persons or social media channels of companies and projects on other media or in other texts. With every mention or marking our name comes further around in the social media universe. A mention is worth a lot because it shows that we also interact with others. No matter if we are active ourselves or passive, e.g. with music stars. The important thing is, people talk about them!

Markings in texts

Markings in texts are an advantage, as you can directly access the profile of the respective social media channel. A marker links the channel by naming it and adding a special character. For instance:

Usually this marker is marked by adding an @ symbol here in the example. So the system knows that we want to mark a user. This mention in the text is then a direct link to the profile of the respective user. However, markings or mentions can also take place in media content.

Not every social network allows direct markups in media content, e.g. videos and photos. The easiest way to do this is on Instagram, here you can simply mark people by clicking on the tab on the picture shortly before uploading. So you can also say directly on a picture that it is person A, that is person B and that is person C. Also on Facebook you have such a marking possibility. You have to be a little more creative on YouTube, there are special settings in YouTube Creator Studio. This allows you to add information, for example, but also users or subscription banners.

Mentions and tags on social media channels

  • With every marking in social networks the name gets around in the social media universe, that means a mention is worth a lot
  • To mark you simply have to enter an @ and the name of the person you want to mark in a comment
  • With Facebook and Instagram you can also easily mark the people you see in a photo or video
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