Start Ups and company foundation – Speaker @ Berlin, Alexanderplatz

In Berlin today, the topic was startup and business start-up. How to found a company, especially with spirit and entrepreneurial power. I tell you about my experiences as a young entrepreneur and company owner. In our various areas, from model management to social media, influencer marketing, fashion photography, videography, online marketing and search engine optimization. These are all great buzzwords, but there is much more behind the entrepreneur. Keywords telephone systems, buying and setting up notebooks, office spaces, folders, cupboards, plug connectors. All this is part of entrepreneurship and of course on the way to the top. It’s 90% work and 10% pleasure, but those 10% are worth all the effort!

Presentation: Start Up Strategies and Business Start-ups 2019

In my presentations on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and start-up strategies, I show how to design and build young dynamic companies. With digital power, just as clearly structured personnel, with consideration for satisfied employees, but also always with the turnover in mind.

Starting a business in today’s environment, especially in Germany, is not that easy. The figures have also fallen significantly since 2015 and are now 30% below the level. Business start-ups in Germany are declining, as is the often celebrated start-up culture. While on TV investors are looking for ideas to put their capital and know-how into them, reality shows that this spirit has not arrived for a long time. People need courage, inspiration and someone to tell them they can do it. As long as they know for themselves, I’ll make it!

The formula for successful entrepreneurs is quite simple, be diligent and clever! And always do what you love! I like to compare entrepreneurs to football, when we were kids on the pitch every day, it doesn’t really feel like work when we train every day for the top games today. Nobody needs to motivate us, we just like to do it. Nobody has to tell us that you have to learn something new, we do that all by ourselves to develop ourselves further.

That’s the spirit that makes an entrepreneur!

In this lecture, in the middle of Berlin Alexanderplatz, it was about this spirit of an entrepreneur for two days and more than four hours each. On the basis of Best Practice examples and naturally also practice-related topics such as the business plan, I will show you how to achieve independence as a young person, student or even in old age and how to build a team, a company and a brand. On both days, Swiss students from the University of Economics and Computer Science presented more than 100 slides on all important topics. In the end, the students should start their own company and present it in a pitch.

In this pitch, each group has five minutes to present their company. You may know this concept from television when investors are on the lookout again! It’s the same in reality. Investor pitches are fast and you have to convince within minutes. It was a great task for me and it was a lot of fun to judge the different and creative concepts. In the end, I was really amazed at the innovative power that came from the group. Perhaps not at all surprising, because completely differently than in Germany, the number of start-ups in Switzerland increases every year! At this point once again greetings from Berlin to Zurich and until next year.

Live Alexanderplatz Berlin from HSO School of Economics and Computer Science (Zurich, CH)

What is special about this lecture is that the whole group travels from Zurich. This of course also gives a speaker a higher pressure than an appointment on site. Accordingly, I prepare myself for the lectures as well. Likewise, the slides are almost completely individually tailored to this one presentation. Twice a year we meet in Berlin and work out concepts for social media marketing, online marketing, personnel management and everything that modern entrepreneurship entails.

Economics and computer science are two of the essential foundations for success today. The modern technology and communication structure has changed our entire basis, phone books have given way to CSV tables, communication is handled by a chatbot and the entire invoice processing and accounting is automated. Those who find the best interfaces here will make great progress in their careers and careers. Whether in the company as an executive, in management or independently as an entrepreneur and CEO.

Here you will find further information about the:

Example slides from the speech – selection

In order to give you a little insight into my presentations about startup and entrepreneurship, I have a few selected slides, which I can present to you publicly. Let’s first take a look at the summary together.

Speaker for business start-ups and start ups

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