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Online shop do it yourself or expensive agency?! The retail trade has real problems, the city centres are emptier than ever. At the same time, online retail sales have been growing steadily for two decades. You have a shop in the city centre? Got an idea for an online store and want to work from home? In this and the next episodes, learn step by step how to create a cheap online store for yourself. We talk about the most important questions of beginners on the subject: Online shop do it yourself or hire an agency? What are the cheap alternatives to the expensive advertising agency? How much does an online shop cost and how is it structured (functions)? Free tips & tricks from our e-commerce agency.

Do it yourself or hire an expensive agency?!

BitCoin Small Talk, Making Money Like Out-of-the-Box Thinkers, and Our Focus: Corona Promotions for Retail. Sales are getting lower, but rent is staying the same? Our e-commerce special on creating an online store.

That’s what you’ll learn in this episode of Lasse & Lukinski.

  1. How to create an online shop?
  2. Which is the best online shop?
  3. What does it cost to create an online shop?
  4. How is an online shop structured?
  5. What do I need for an online shop?

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Questions & Answers: Do it yourself or use an agency?

That’s what you’ll learn in this episode of Lasse & Lukinski.

How to create an online shop?

The most important thing is, don’t be afraid to approach the task “online shop” yourself! Nowadays, you can quickly map your entire inventory digitally with just a few clicks, using online tools.

Online Tools – We introduce you to the most common ways to create your own online store in this Marketing Podcast episode. To mean, do-it-yourself with online tools, specifically introduced to Shopify.

Creative Commons Software – If you have technical interest or experience, you can use Creative Commons Software, e.g. WordPress / WooCommerce or Magento.

E-commerce agency – If you have large inventories, more than 10,000 items and different variations (driving options, sizes, etc.) then you may want to call on the expertise of an e-commerce agency. Over 90% of retailers, however, can work perfectly with online tools – without an agency.

In this and the following episodes, we will focus on the shopify and woocommerce solutions for those who are interested in technology or have motivated employees.

Which is the best online shop?

  1. Modular system – online tools like Shopify
  2. Creative Commons – Tools like WordPress / Woocommerce

What does it cost to create an online shop?

For online tools like Shopify, you pay a fixed monthly package price. If you need more products or additional accounts for new employees, you pay a little more. In return, you save almost the entire development costs that you incur with in-house development (WordPress) or with an advertising agency. The cost of the basic version is only 30 euros / month. This already includes many functions, such as coupon codes, but also an SSL certificate for secure data transmission.

With tools like WordPress and WooCommerce, a lot of time goes into the development of design and function. Accordingly, you need either employees with technical know-how or external professionals. In addition, you or an employee, a little familiar with HTML, CSS, MySQL and FTP, so that everything works, from the domain to the finished online shop. In return, you have great freedom and a lot of room for maneuver in extensions. The software WordPress is free, as well as the extension WooCommerce.

The most expensive option is definitely the e-commerce agency solution. Here you have to expect at least a five-digit amount. You hire an e-commerce agency if you have a very large product range with many variations. Make sure that you get comparative offers from other agencies so that you can compare the prices. At the beginning every agency will say, “we can do that”! Therefore, make sure to get comparative offers and references. Always make sure that you get references from the agency. If complications arise later because the agency does not have the appropriate know-how, this would be very annoying.

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