Cashflow Ads 2.0: Facebook Ads step by step – Online Course

Do you know how Facebook Marketing 2019 works and most importantly, do you know what 95% of all marketers and companies are doing wrong. With Cashflow Ads 2.0 you will learn how to create profitable Facebook Ads and how to successfully create Pay-Per-Click ads! This way you can build up your own business (topic: making money on the internet) or even effectively place ads for another company.

Facebook Marketing Step by Step Guide

As you can read in the article Evolution of social networks, the technology is constantly changing, but also the functions that are already provided on the desktop or in the app. Of course, social media managers also have to keep their finger on the pulse. Of course, this is even more true for anyone applying to be a social media manager. Because even though they are privately on social media a lot themselves, ad management is very specialized know-how that needs to be learned. Creating ads on Facebook is something completely different than the private use of the social network. But not only for absolute beginners, also for advanced users a constant refreshment of the possibilities to improve their own ability to act is always recommended.

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Online course at a glance

What exactly will you learn in this online course? Cashflow Ads 2.0 essentially teaches you how to create Facebook Ads (campaigns) on your own and then use them profitably for yourself or other companies, brands and products. Even better, in the online course you get live insights into the Facebook Ads agency (real insights!) and learn from best practice examples from the field. For all Social Media Managers, there is even a special treat at the end of the course, because upon successful completion, you will receive your certificate! You can then present this certificate when applying for a job and convince your employer.

The online course shows you all the tricks and hacks we use in a social media agency and you see step by step what 95% of all other social media managers do wrong on a daily basis. Tip! You have instant access after purchase and even get lifetime access with lifetime updates and support – mega deal for beginner social media managers.

Contents of the workshop and agency tips

Spoiler! Here is a little insight into the course of the online course:

  1. Chapter: Introduction
  2. Chapter: Facebook Ads Basics
  3. Chapter: Your interaction booster
  4. Chapter: The Turnover Generator
  5. Chapter: The Profit Maximizer
  6. Chapter: Facebook Pro Hacks
  7. Chapter: Messenger Complete Course
  8. Chapter: Secrets from the agency

Extra! Bonus material

  1. Bonus: Conversion Mastery
  2. Bonus: Agency Case Study
  3. Bonus: Acquisition Box (building your agency).

Sound good? It is! Get the full online course now and learn how to run successful Facebook Ads!