Roof tent & Vanlife! Camping holidays in the car: adventure, families, travel trend

Camping with car roof tent – Why do you write about roof tents? Because we love them and camping holidays, just like millions (~18% of 20 to 60 year olds) of Germans. Since many years there is a movement which is getting bigger and bigger: Individual travel! Holidays in a two-man tent, family tent,“vanlife” or […]

Creating an online store #3: Marketing, making e-commerce famous?! – Marketing Podcast

Marketing, make online shop (quickly) known?! Free tips & tricks from our e-commerce agency. This podcast episode is about awareness, marketing and the first steps for you in online commerce. Marketing, make online shop known?! Now stream & learn for free on: Spotify – Marketing Podcast ITunes – Marketing Podcast Amazon – Marketing Podcast Deezer […]

Creating an online store #2: design, payment providers, delivery costs, … – Marketing Podcast

Design, payment providers, delivery costs – The second part of our Marketing Podcast Special for retailers! How can you build an online store yourself instead of hiring an expensive advertising agency? In this part, we take a look at the online store itself. We talk about the design of the site, give tips and look […]

Create an online shop #1: DIY or expensive agency?! – Marketing Podcast

Online shop do it yourself or expensive agency?! The retail trade has real problems, the city centres are emptier than ever. At the same time, online retail sales have been growing steadily for two decades. You have a shop in the city centre? Got an idea for an online store and want to work from […]

Hasselhoff Dollar – Photoshop Tutorial: Tools, Crop, Magic Wand and Masks

Photosphop Tutorial – In this new tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your own fun dollars! At our social media agency, we love making dollars for birthdays or as a little surprise for new employees. Here you will learn how to use Photoshop with a nice example: tools, cropping, magic wand and masks. Video tutorial […]

Facebook Ads 2.0: Ads for Affiliate and Coaching – Online Course

You are looking for an alternative, especially for your affiliate marketing or coaching area? Then I have the recommendation here, especially for your ad management. Earn money on the Internet with Facebook Earning money on the Internet is not so easy, at least if you use the classic methods. Because here, of course, there is […]

Photoshop tutorial on layers, masks and groups for beginners

In Photoshop, you’ll constantly be dealing with three things: Layers, Masks, and Groups. They’re kind of the core of Photoshop. In layers, you can layer different graphics on top of each other. By using masks, some layers become transparent in certain parts. If several layers are on top of each other, a new graphic is […]

Correction layers in Photoshop: light, contrast, color tutorial for beginners

Correction layers allow you to visually adjust graphics in Photoshop. Whether it’s lighting, contrasts or the color tones. They are used in many Photoshop actions. For example, after all photographers’ photo shoots and on all advertising posters and on … the list is endless. That’s why, as a Photoshop beginner, it’s also worth taking a […]

Photoshop Tutorial: Clipping with Masks / Transparency

Photoshop, with its layers, allows multiple graphics to be on top of each other. If we compare this with two sheets, we would only see the top sheet. If we want to take a look at the sheet below, we either have to turn off the layer or put a mask on it! Masks overlay […]

Contact Form 7 for WordPress: Video Tutorial – Set up contact form yourself

An indispensable tool for any website is a reliable contact form with which customers or prospects and visitors can contact you immediately and easily. Such forms are difficult to implement without HTML skills. If your own HTML skills are lacking, no problem, for that there is the clever plugin Contact Form 7. Here you can […]