Pinterest stock: Buy? Price, chart, dividend – Stock price increased by 300

We have not only reported on the success of Pinterest in our social media blog, but also in our marketing podcast, which subsequently underestimated Pinterest. More and more brands, especially in the field of furnishing, furniture and even fashion are discovering the network. Here you can create a quasi visual shopping list. A great marketing instrument, for all brands with their own E-Commerce.

Pinterest stock: Realtime price (30 days)

How can you earn money with Pinterest? One way is Pinterest Marketing, the other is to buy a block of stocks. Here we have the current real-time stock price for you and a review of the last 12 months and three years.

The Pinterest stock in the last 30 days.

Pinterest stock: Review 12 months

Here you can see the stock price development over the last 12 months.

Pinterest stock: Review 36 months

Real conclusions about the long-term success can only be drawn from an equally long-term review. Therefore, here once again the stock price performance of the last 36 months.

Pinterest Marketing: SEO, E-Commerce Sales Promotion

How does Pinterest work? Of course, we cannot discuss here all the methods, instruments, concepts and strategies that are suitable for Pinterest Marketing, depending on the goals that have been set. This is only intended to be a brief insight.

The basics: Pinns & Pinboards. On Pinterest it is usually about sharing individual media, these are then called pins. Everyone who has a pinboard in his advertising agency, PR agency or similar, knows immediately what it is all about. Individual photos are linked together in certain contexts. E.g. when creating target groups. Thus finally a gallery develops. In the example of target group creation, this would be a gallery for each avatar.

The big goal of Pinterest is to conquer certain keywords. So that people come across our content when they search. That’s why individual galleries are provided with exact keywords and themes. As a grocery online trader you could for example create galleries for single fruits.

Pinterest strategy explained: Case Study

search engine optimization, in e-commerce, where it becomes even more important when it comes to social media marketing, even more special Pinterest marketing. 100.000 impressions / month free of charge are 1.200.000 impressions / year. That means over 1 million brand contacts for ideas, marketing campaigns, product advertising, image and much more. Here is a brief overview, how does such a social media or exact Pinterest strategy work? – best practice

Advertising on Pinterest: Costs and example

Placing Pinterest advertisements – How much do they cost? What do ads on Pinterest look like and what advertising options do companies have on Pinterest? Here is a small, initial insight with an example: This is what advertising on Pinterest looks like.

Pinterest Agency

Most people know Pinterest as the contact point for ideas. No matter if it’s sayings, decoration, DIY (handicrafts), tattoos, garden, living room or hairstyles. But how do I use Pinterest for my company? Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne / Düsseldorf – Pinterest’s marketing instruments can also be used for regional and local marketing, even in an existing marketing mix. We will show you how it works here on our Pinterest Agency page and in the Pinterest Blog. The right strategy is crucial for the success of your own Pinterest channel. The use of the app and platform is free of charge, but there is also the possibility to place ads on Pinterest. Strategy, keyword analysis, pins, pin boards, organic reach and paid reach: this is how Pinterest Marketing works.