Target groups can be targeted – cities, ages, interestest

On almost all social media channels, advertising campaigns are now so precisely controllable that users can be targeted as never before. Facebook, the largest social network in the world, it is well over a billion active users, the campaigning has been the most refined so far. The concept or principle behind it is not particularly difficult. Users enter their information price (place of residence, friends, interests, etc.) and are then applied again on the basis of their data, specifically. Anyone who has ever worked with Google AdWords has gone out of the equation quickly. The posting application settings on Facebook essentially have three options: the age of the Facebook view, the advertising inserts, their interests and hobbies, and their place of residence.

Facebook calculates an approximate range with each new campaign. This is achieved (approximately) without further viral effects. That is, for a given budget you get a certain amount of views. Interacting people with their ad, the range increases, since now friends friend (without advertising) see your contribution. Few, but some contributions, still create the leap to vitality. It is, in classical terms, word-of-mouth propaganda, a subject that spreads itself. But you already notice, from the fixed advertising campaign to the vitality, it will always be harsh forecasts.