Analytics – What is Analytics? Costs, Google & Co.

Analytics deal with the evaluation of user behaviour. In principle, it’s about having information about how our users do or don’t do on a site or social network.

Selective evaluation of data for analysis

Programs for the analysis of websites, online shops, social media channels and many other online based solutions help to make decisions, to optimize offers and also to refine new offers in advance.

  • What have our users or fans done?
  • What content did they interact with?
  • For which media content was the commitment of our fans greater or smaller? Keyword: Optimization

The more accurate the data analysis, the better the algorithm, the more results can be obtained from the available data. That’s why it’s so important for advertisers on social networks to be present on platforms that own and share a lot of data with their users. The more data a social media platform has, the more targeted it can spread information. The more targeted the information is scattered, the lower the scattering losses. This is why companies and agencies invest a lot of money in the analysis of user data.

Programs like Google Analytics can help, for example they can show how the traffic sources of social networks in our online shop have converted. We can then use this conversion rate as a basis for evaluating the various networks or promotion campaigns. This makes it possible to compare promotions, groups and individual social channels.

What is analytics?

The analysis considers user behavior such as length of stay, interaction, but also returning users and their behavior. From this, many groups can be formed, from which in turn certain user groups can be derived, whose User Journey we can refine through the results.

This starts with the single page, which we check and refine based on bounce rates or click rates on individual symbols (A/B tests). If 17.83% click the big green button and only 2.57% click the yellow one, we clearly choose green.

But Analytics can do even more. Based on our analyses, we optimize individual offers down to wording for different target groups. If, for example, we market a certain thematic offer whose target group is 50 years old, we use a different approach than for younger target groups. At the same time, the information may be simpler in structure so that it is easier to perceive according to age. Spectacular video content through image films will be dispensed with, but much value will be placed on factual information. For another offer, e.g. another product, because of you a completely different layout fixed, colorful, eye-catching and supported by embeddings of social media, e.g. YouTube and Pinterest.

Through the analysis, we can also control and optimize certain behaviors, refine offers so that we can even better convert in the individual target groups.

Google Analytics Cost?

We recommend that you work with Google solutions for all individual projects. What’s the matter with you?

  1. Integrate Google Pixel anyway, e.g. for Analytics or Google Search (fka. Webmastertools), etc.
  2. Google Analytics and Search costs no money

Other software tools for the analysis cost 200, 300 Euro per month.

Analytics – evaluation of user behaviour

  • Information about what users are doing or not doing on our website
  • Helps to make decisions about them and to optimize offers
  • The more data a social media platform has, the more targeted it can spread information
  • In the analysis, data such as dwell time, integer action, and recurring users are considered
  • With the help of analytics, you can determine the exact target group, which is an important aspect later in marketing
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