Embedded media – photos, videos from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Co.

Embedded media allows the use of external media content such as third-party photos and video. Basically, embedded media have two advantages.

Pagespeed: The loading time optimization

If they would host their own mp4 video on the website and play it back by users, they would have extremely large amounts of data and the videos would probably not be optimized. Large social media platforms such as YouTube optimize your videos permanently. New codecs make the amount of data smaller and smaller. This in turn reduces loading time for pages that have embedded this content. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of data exchanged between the user and the server. It would be fatal, especially for websites that normally have an average of only 100 visitors a day, if a viral action suddenly brought 10,000 visitors to the site and the video was streamed by just as many. The server would be down since probably only one webhosting package was booked.

Legal aspects: Copyright infringement for own hosting of external files

The use of media from third platforms is not permitted under copyright law. After all, we would be offering a work or medium created by a foreign author. This would clearly have legal consequences for us. To exclude this, the general terms and conditions of social networks already stipulate that all content placed by users on the platform may also be embedded by third media. Of course you can change this as a user in your settings, in your account. Very few make use of it. Therefore blogs or online shops but also social media channels can share content from third parties. The media are then not stored on the server or web hosting package of the online shop operator or blog owner but are always retrieved directly from the server of the respective social platform. This means that no foreign content has been embedded or stored. Thus, there is no longer any danger of copyright infringements.

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Embed photos or videos

  • Social Media platforms such as Youtube are particularly suitable for embedding, since the files are constantly optimized or reduced in size
  • Uploading a video directly to a page reduces the loading time and the server may crash on too many visits
  • The use of media from third platforms is not allowed according to copyright law, but according to the terms and conditions of social networks this is allowed
  • If blogs then share certain contents of Instagram / Youtube from third parties, these are not stored but always retrieved from the respective platform
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