Berlin: Social Media Marketing Workshop in front of 150 people – WOW!

Social Media Lectures and training in Berlin we often and gladly hold, but this time it was something special! With a Swiss division of over 150 people, it was all about social media marketing and influencer marketing for over 8 hours. Our decisive goal in the training was to show the young people how they can shine with social media marketing in your company. Because, whether you believe it or not, even after more than 10 years of social media marketing on Facebook and YouTube, there are still many companies and businesses that still do not actively market online. This is why more and more large and medium-sized companies are looking within their own ranks for suitable specialists for the social networks. The further training of new talents interested in social media marketing is a good investment in the future for many companies. Social media marketing is not only an excellent way to implement aspects of public relations and image building, but also to achieve direct sales. That was exactly what our new workshop in Berlin was all about!

Work Shop in Berlin with 150 people, how does it work?

Most companies plan such trainings only for their own employees, these workshops are often staffed with three, four or five people, who can be introduced to the advantages of social media marketing over several hours, but also the methods and the strategy how to achieve these successes. Transferring this concept to a division of 150 people is a challenge. Today we want to give a small insight into the organization of such larger workshops in social media marketing.

Our location is not far from Alexanderplatz, in the direction of Prenzlauer Berg you come directly to the hotel and conference venue Leonardo Royal. Here, in ballroom 3, the participants gathered already in the morning, on time at 8 o’clock it started. Our concept was not to respond to all 150 people but to divide the participants into two larger groups. Group 1 deals in the morning with the topics of social media marketing in the form of a lecture but also in a two-hour group work as well as a pitch, very real at the agency Welt. Let’s take a look at the details of the workshop.

Group training, pitch and presentations in the workshop

As already described, we divided the large number of 150 participants into two groups of 75 participants each. Each group will receive an intensive workshop lasting three and a half hours. This begins with a one-hour presentation on the topic of success in social media marketing, growth figures, but also user numbers and current statistics. These give young social media managers a good insight into the current risks and opportunities that arise with the topic of online marketing and social media. Because of course you have to be honest and not only consider the best success scenario but also the sausage case. All this is part of the work of a good social media manager. In addition to these strategic insights, there are also insights into the Employment Agency. We show how successful content planning is done so that social media channels can be played daily with new content. These are not published live but planned in advance by social media software. In the next step we will deal with one of the new aspects of online marketing, Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing and Strategies for Successful Social Media Management

In addition to the classic and regular, daily postings, the main focus of marketing is always to stay on the ball. The world of social networks is developing extremely fast, quite different from classical marketing, as well as print posters or TV advertising. Social networks emerge, but they also disappear, while on Facebook you could still shine with organic reach a year ago, nowadays reach is only possible through paid advertising. All these shifts must of course be taken into account by the Social Media Manager when it comes to new concepts and strategies. Bloggers in particular must also come into focus, because they are the new reach carriers of the social media. Today, young people aged 16 or 18 reach 100,000 people, in some cases even millions. This reach, compared to established media such as print magazines, which only reach 100,000 people with the highest effort and editorial work as well as journalists. Bloggers achieve the same result with a workload of 0.01%. Of course, bloggers are also becoming more and more aware of their value and influence, which is why social media managers need to prove their skills in negotiations, planning and strategy for such influencer campaigns on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. In our workshop we deal with all these aspects and show with best practice examples how marketing methods can work and lead to success, for products as well as brands.

Group work, planning of social media campaign

During the group work phase, the participants work in smaller teams on the concrete development of a social media concept for a client that also exists in reality. We often give our participants current projects so that they have a real Best Practice Example for the exercise and not just a fictitious case. In one hour the participants have time to set up their basic planning. A detailed case study, which we will present to you in a short 15-minute presentation shortly before the group work, will help you. On the basis of this case study you can orientate yourself very well and set up your own planning. All in all, the short presentation of the different groups consists of a 3 to 4 page slide. These first address the customer and the USP (unique selling proposition) the product, i.e. the special characteristics that make the product unique and distinguish it from the competition. In the second slide we already deal with the daily content, the daily work of a social media manager. Slide 3 then deals with the conception of a video for YouTube in cooperation with an influencer. Here the storyboard is worked out, i.e. the history of the video but also the influencer selection is compiled on the basis of quality evaluation and calculation.

Presentation phase for the groups, presentation of the strategy

In the presentation phase we give the participants a special kick. Like in the real world, customers often don’t have much time. Therefore, the film should be short and the pitch, i.e. the presentation of the concept, should take place within three minutes. So the different teams compete against each other. The trick is that each brand is presented by two teams. This is a competitive situation, but you can also see in direct comparison what the other group has thought. The other participants can also follow live how the individual concepts were set up and think for themselves.

Evaluation of the presentation and the social media concept by experts

Our speaker as social media expert gives a short evaluation of the overall performance after each individual presentation. Here individual critical points are discussed and taken apart in the entire group, so each individual group can improve and also their presentation. The expert’s assessment also helps to consolidate the participants’ own knowledge. Due to the fast pitch situation, in which each group has only three minutes time, the head is very challenged! You can see different models and different ideas within a very short time. Due to the constant repetition and the focused work, the contents of our advanced training remain with the participants and they can apply their knowledge already on the next day practically in the enterprise.

The practical work in particular plays a very special role in our workshops and further training courses. If you want to learn to be a social media manager, you have to have a high degree of creativity that cannot be learned through theoretical knowledge. Practical work and comparisons as well as the reputation of competitors but also other industries, bloggers or magazines helps your own creativity. Therefore we try to promote thought processes and give impulses through concentrated work, from the beginning and success of social media marketing to practical work in the groups.

The big final presentation, future in social media marketing

To mark the end of the big job, there will be a big final presentation in which we will once again discuss the future of social media marketing. In particular the high growth figures, which do not only result in Germany, every year half a million new users, who register in social media, also world-wide the new registrations are so outstanding that for years not only in the registration numbers registers itself but also in the conversions by Social Media marketing are reached. All these links show that the investment in the further education and training of employees in social media marketing pays off. Berlin companies in particular take care that new concepts are quickly adopted for their own brand or startup due to the large internationality of the city. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a medium-sized company, the orientation towards new marketing methods is always part of the company philosophy here in Berlin. But other cities are also following suit and focusing more and more on social media marketing, not only in the area of private customers, B2C, but also in the key account business, B2B.

Summary: Social media workshop day

Here once again summarized our procedure:

  1. Group training, pitch and presentations in the workshop
  2. Influencer marketing and strategies for successful social media management
  3. Group work, planning of social media campaign
  4. Presentation phase for the groups, presentation of the strategy
  5. The big final presentation, future in social media marketing

Social Media Agency Berlin

Are you looking for an agency for your Berlin company? Our social media experts will show you the way to your first social media concept or new concepts for existing social media channels. Success in social networks can be planned, motivated and committed employees, creativity and a sense for customers and communication are important. Because social media marketing is extremely close to the customer, unlike traditional marketing. Customers can also give direct feedback, because they are just as close to them! From the famous shitstorm to the 1 star rating, your employees must be able to deal with every situation. We talk together about the biggest challenges for your Social Media Manager, strategies and possibilities but also contents and know-how, from years of experience. We are looking forward to your call.

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