Richer than the Geissens: Real Estate Podcast & Book – Field Report

AF Steuercoaching: Asset building and tax tips. In addition, Germany’s largest real estate, finance and tax Youtube channel with currently over 100,000 subscribers. In advance his Amazon bestseller “Reicher als Geissens”, which he now even makes available for free on iTunes and Spotify. After the article on the topic of becoming a social media manager, we wanted to briefly discuss a book that we had mentioned in the article explicitly, or the thinker behind it, Alex Fischer. Specifically, it’s about Alex Fischer, or rather his experiences that he has made as an entrepreneur and investor. Experiences from a very, inspiring entrepreneurial life. Not only that he has the largest Youtube channel on the topic of real estate & finance in Germany, with currently over 100,000 subscribers. No, he built it all himself. In this book he shares his knowledge about finance, taxes and Co. Since the 200,000 readers even for free as an audio book version on iTunes and Spotify. Therefore, it is worth a look at Alex Fischer.

Audiobook, Podcast and Coaching: #1 Real Estate Youtuber

The headlines of the book have to sell, of course, like “In 5 years without equity to the real estate millionaire” – but basically it’s about your mindset as an entrepreneur, about finances and taxes.

Now before most tune out on the topic of being self-employed and taxes, here’s how we as a social media agency would increase the click-through rate.

Is Alex Fischer serious?

With a wink of course, yes!

We just want to make you aware that you should take the topic of being an entrepreneur and taxes seriously.

A question like, “Is Alex Fischer reputable?” draws attention. If you want to learn more about marketing strategies, come back to the article here: Becoming a Social Media Manager.

You manage to make even topics like “taxes” sound interesting?

Then apply with us as a social media manager.

Why this book? Career, Mindset and Finances

The book had 200,000 readers. That’s why Alex Fischer decided to make the book available for free as an audiobook version. Better than any paperback, of course, are audio books. Comfortably in the armchair, while walking through the park or after work on the balcony. If you are looking for professional success, based on private happiness, you should read “Richer than the Geissens”. Top rankings on Amazon, 200,000 readers, currently top 2 among others for career books.

Author has earned his own success

Author Alex Fischer, himself a real estate millionaire has now done something very special: The entire audiobook, all episodes, is available for free on Spotify and iTunes! Know-how for anyone who wants to make it to the top.

This review shows you in excerpts, which mindset Alex Fischer conveys in “Reicher als die Geissens”. “In 5 years without equity to the real estate millionaire” – I immediately thought: Challenge accepted! My recommendation: “Richer than the Geissens”, the podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

A little tour of the podcast: Knowledge

Over 600 learnings, 43 concrete and timeless laws of success, all packed with stories and examples to help you understand the experience – you could never summarize it in a review.

But I want to show you where the journey goes if you listen carefully to all the podcast episodes as a person starting out yourself! The book gets much more detailed in many places and also discusses higher level topics, then when you already own 3, 4 properties.

This little tour is for those who are just starting out: “Become a real estate millionaire in 5 years with no equity”.

Mindset and financial freedom: what do you want?

Financial freedom, isn’t that a great feeling? You can decide spontaneously at any time, a power day with a colleague in the office, a short holiday to the Cote d’Azur or spontaneously build up your own network by visiting Berlin or London? Every day is yours!

Financial freedom doesn’t just mean “lots of money”, financial freedom gives you the freedom to be creative and to design. The worst thing for an entrepreneur are achieved goals! Therefore, you should not screw on your goals, but on what lies behind them: Your mindset, your ideals, your purpose.

Once you are aware of this, your next goal is to not submit to the “time for money” premise. Your big goal must be to have 30 free days a month.

Cash flow, equity, the first property

If you listen to the free audiobook “Richer than the Geissens” very carefully, episode by episode, do not leave out anything and listen to important parts two or three times, then you will learn all the tools to achieve this goal and then continue to expand.

About your own mindset, ideals, your relationship to money, the most effective benefit for others through the development of the aforementioned purpose, your strengths list, resource list but also industry market niche list. From this combination of insights you will recognize the most efficient added value that you can offer.

From that you create your first good cash flow, increasingly passive cash flow and eventually you build your equity, buy your first property and am you know how to use a property as an investment tool.

At this point, I would like to emphasize once again that you should listen to all episodes, from the first to the last. Take enough time and repeat individual episodes or passages if necessary.

Already knew? In the free member area of Alex Fischer there is much more about real estate, taxes, extremely much know-how. Here you will learn valuable practical strategies to achieve sensational success in all areas of life and, as I said, completely free of charge.

Learning: Small rivers become big

How often do you face the problem: “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. A construction site here, a construction site there, in private life and especially as an entrepreneur. I myself found this quote, as short and simple as it is, extremely uplifting and motivating. In relation to my own work, projects but also to further aspects such as public relations or viral effects:

“Small rivers become big ones.” – Alex Fischer

As confusing as one’s own work often seems, especially when first setting up companies, everything gradually falls into place. Here, too, Alex Fischer brings many interesting aspects, for example this one:

  • How much do you think you can do tomorrow? – You will overestimate yourself
  • How much do you think you can do in a year? – You will underestimate yourself

Learn this and more in Episode 44: Why Many Ideas Remain Just Dreams.

Now it’s straight back into your own mind games. For example, this one I want to share with you. I myself give talks in front of up to 300 people. It’s usually about “business creation”, or more simply, “creating businesses in digital markets”. In some talks I have two slides with real greats of the digital world like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezoz but also Bill Gates. What’s interesting is that all of them had moments of failure. Jeff Bezos, for example, wanted to build a competitor model to Ebay, failed. He wanted to build a competitor model to Google with “A7”, failed. These slides are meant to show: Everyone makes mistakes.

Have Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and even Bill Gates let setbacks deter them from their vision and their path? No, never.

Alex Fischer also has this aspect in the podcast, but takes it to a new level.

“In a nutshell, failure is always part of the game, but ideally, you always fail closer to the goal.” – Alex Fischer

Especially for young entrepreneurs extremely interesting in the statement. Because with every attempt you get better and also the failure on the way is part of it, as long as you always get further than you fall back.

Now on Spotify & iTunes

On Spotify and on many other podcast apps you can now find Alex Fischer’s top seller “Reicher als die Geissens” for free! The chance to become successful yourself. Alex Fischer is a self-made millionaire, a multi-millionaire, all by … That’s exactly what I want to find out for myself now! Here are a few more facts about the book and podcast:

  • First edition published in 2016; audiobook is constantly updated
  • Now as a podcast on Spotify and iTunes – for free!
  • 668 essential tips
  • 43 ‘timeless laws of success
  • 456 pages or 79 episodes in the audio book
  • 3 parts (Mindset, Strategies / Tools and Building a Money Machine)

Alex Fischer: Richer than the Geissens

“In 5 years without equity to the real estate millionaire” – here you get the right and important tools for a happier and more fulfilling life, also through financial freedom. Alex Fischer lives it, with real estate he has long since provided for himself.

His focus is on sharing knowledge, strategies and success stories. An extremely inspiring audiobook. Learn more strategies! If you want to learn even more principles, strategies and methods, you should take a look at Alex Fischer’s YouTube channel. Here you can find playlists sorted by topics to learn everything online. In addition, you can find further links to slides and checklists here on YouTube – these documents are also completely free, without an email address.

Tip. In the free member area you get the 27 strategies that Alex Fischer has extracted after more than twenty years of experience, compressed in an 11-page PDF as a checklist.

“Richer than the Geissens”: Book and audio book

With over 200,000 readers, “Richer than the Geisses” is mega successful, for good reason. It’s also in the top 100 on Amazon! In short, you get 43 timeless laws of success, with which you become financially, professionally and privately more successful.

You learn to achieve your goals, to “materialize” them (what that means, you learn in the book). You get exact step-by-step instructions to your own personal financial freedom. So you avoid really frustrating mistakes right at the beginning. As a private person and / or as an entrepreneur, from Alex Fischer you learn how to avoid these fatal mistakes and at the same time follow your passion – every day!

In total, the book contains hundreds of learnings that will specifically help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Best of all, you can get the audiobook for free on Spotify and iTunes!

Tax Online Course: Field Report

Germany’s biggest real estate Youtuber is now going “Next Level”. For weeks now, new videos on taxes and tax optimization have been appearing on his YouTube channel. Reason enough to test the new tax coaching. The goal: Optimal tax planning. Optimal tax planning? Exactly. Otherwise I write here in the social media blog about marketing, strategies for gaining reach – today it’s about a tip that I just want to give you, as loyal readers. I went to the Alex Fischer tax coaching session. Not to lower my personal income tax, but to get overarching, in-depth, and most importantly, proven and legal tips for lowering taxes. In short, it’s an extreme amount of knowledge, but by doing so you can turn your taxes into equity, which increases investment capital.