Facebook Ads 2.0: Ads for Affiliate and Coaching – Online Course

You are looking for an alternative, especially for your affiliate marketing or coaching area? Then I have the recommendation here, especially for your ad management.

Earn money on the Internet with Facebook

Earning money on the Internet is not so easy, at least if you use the classic methods. Because here, of course, there is great competition! But what about social media? Can you still earn money here? As numerous examples from the media show, the most famous are probably currently influencers, social networks have an incredible power. So if you know how to target people, you can also target products. That’s exactly what Facebook ads do – they’re incredibly effective! With the new Facebook Ads 2.0 guide, you’ll learn everything you need to deliver strong performance in 2020.

Advantage Facebook Marketing and Ads

Here are just a few of the basic benefits at a glance:

  • You can define your target group and audience exactly
  • Funnel (processes over several steps) can be easily realized
  • Both cold and warm contacts can be addressed
  • Hardly any wastage due to extremely precise targeting
  • Very high range achievable
  • Ads can also be recommended directly to friends
  • Logo (branding) is perceived subconsciously even without a click
  • A lot can be achieved with a small daily budget (e.g. 20 €).
  • ….

Facebooks Ads 2.0 gives you a clear and above all very detailed guide! You can find all information about the online course right here: