Social Media Networks

As a company active in social networks, you have many options and options to place your company, your marketing message or your advertising. In addition to the well-known networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Youtube, there are now countless small networks. Especially for young target groups it is important not to be in the established networks and to use networks like Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr instead. That is why it is important to know your target group.

We can help you find the right social networks for your advertising campaign or business presence. With our expertise in social media management and Facebook Advertising, you can achieve your goal smart. Intelligent network selection makes it possible for you to demonstrate a strong presence for your target group and yet cost-effectively.

Biggest Social Networks

We have created a small list of the most important social networks in the German-speaking world. Here you can find information about the social networks, their users, possibilities for you and much more. With Social Media One, the professionals social media marketing and management, you can be sure to reach the right people. Deliver the answer to questions, show people that they exist, build up your community. Call us and we will show you how it works.