Facebook Ads Campaign Design Templates

Advertising on social networks is the key. You can rely on this, at least if your target group is somewhere between 21 and 38 years old. From the young people of the past, today, a lot of buyers have become buyers. The living conditions have changed, the social network has not changed. Did you know how much time each German on average spent with Facebook? With targeted advertising campaigns, you reach the best and most efficient results for your product or brand on Facebook. Since we often have small questions in e-mail, we wanted to compile the most important designs for Facebook Ads:

Facebook Event Ads & Page Like

Designs for Facebook Event Ads & Page Like banners are best created with 1200 x 444 pixels. This unit is not used by Facebook, but today we have to think about many devices, from the notebook to the iPhone. With 1200 x 444 px, you always have an exact resolution on all end devices, even with modern Retina displays.

Create design with 1200 x 444 pixels


Desktop display will be 470 x 174 pixels / Mobile display will be 560 x 210 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ad

Facebook Website Link & Offer Ads differ only slightly in their vertical dimension. Facebook used here instead of 444 pixels, 627 pixels. Therefore, always set your design for Web site Link & Offer Ad Banner at 1200 x 627 pixels.

Create design in 1200 x 627 pixels


Desktop display is at 470 x 246 pixels / mobile display is at 560 x 292 pixels
– is automatically scaled by Facebook