Fail. What does that actually mean? + Crisis communication

Fail – What does fail actually mean? In social media marketing, a “fail” is a moment, a medium or content that causes controversy among the target group. Something that “doesn’t work at all” or is even embarrassing. Simply translated:

Fail = Failure

Example: The Best Fails (Private)

So in private, the word usually stands in context for something funny / embarrassing, like here:

Companies should avoid such failures!

Such a fail doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad so that it directly triggers crisis communication in your own agency, but you should still protect yourself from such fails in your own social media communication. If users feel put off by content too often, they will stop following or even unfollow your channel.

The best way to do this is to organize your social media content into an editorial plan as a precautionary measure and coordinate it with the team or individual team members. This way, you already have several opinions about a social media post in advance of the publications and can avoid shitstorms accordingly.