Can I get an influencer list for our client? – Insights!

For a tour operator we should simply send a list of partners according to the concept. Instead of our long-term involvement, they should only do 1 posting and 1 story. Is that sustainable? It is often because neither the goals nor the “job” nor the budget are fixed. How should we plan your house as an architect, without budget knowledge and framework data? Our social media insights help you plan and design your influencer campaign. Avoid mistakes!

Today we had another standard case. In short: Please send us all influencers + we want 1 post and 1 story. Mistake: Influencers are not supermarket goods and would you know Coca Cola if they had only sent 1 commercial?

Influencer Marketing is not shopping in a supermarket

Advertising agencies, PR agencies and online marketing: Many agencies are looking to merge with us as a social media agency for their clients and regular customers. Influencer marketing is often confused with advertisements (such as Google Adwords). The wrong idea: I buy influencers by range, that’s all.

If you focus on beginners, you can do it. But with real “influencers” you make concepts, ideas and plans. In addition there are the different networks, like Instagram, Youtube and of course the amount of postings and stories. Anyone who has had nothing to do with influencers and blogger relations should know that from now on they are working with “social stars”. Like actors, musicians or even artists, the value can never simply be measured by sales figures or reach. What about interaction? Point by point, social marketing becomes more complex with influencers.


Suggest random, not possible. Even just a posting and a story, don’t know if that’ll be efficient.
Imagine if you had only seen Coca Cola commercials once in your life, you wouldn’t know the brand.

would at least recommend Youtube Video or longer term posts on Instagram:
2 weeks before trip, 1 day before trip, during trip, 1 week after trip

Point 2 is also important: micro influencers with a small range are cheaper but also more complex. Let’s imagine, as here in Best Practice, that instead of 2 big bloggers we send 20 small ones on a journey. Instead of 2 x 1 million reach, we book 20 x 100,000 reach or even better 200 x 10,000 reach. For two trips, the organisational effort in the influencer agency is still manageable; for 200 trips, the influencer agency becomes a travel agency. Dates, dates of other customers, photographers for bloggers, ICE or flight tickets, on-site activities, etc.


Then comes point 2: The Blogger. Prices per post go from […] (with 3, 4 million fans). Small bloggers are ok but have no impact + administrative work increases (more travel, more overnight stays, etc.)

Do you have a budget for me? Otherwise, all plans are in the blue and without real added value for your customers.

In the supermarket I can quickly recommend 2, 3 banana varieties for 1.69 per kilo or 1.99 per kilo.

The matter is deeper.

What Should Be In An Influencer Briefing?

Before you contact bloggers and agencies, please put together the following points:

  • Desired range of the contacts, for example: 500,000 people
  • Demography, for example 500,000 people aged 25 – 45 and family
  • Budget, for example, maximum 20,000 Euro

Even if nobody likes to reveal his budget – how should we plan your house as an architect, without budget knowledge and basic data?

Best Practice: Travel Influencer

Only from the most important framework data can concrete plans be generated, such as this best practice of our agency:

Short-term leave with partner and children

In this specific case, this is a concept for a travel company whose catchment area we have limited to 500km on the basis of geographical data. Especially for families and young couples the different locations offer the perfect holiday from everyday life. Instead of Micro Influencer we choose 8 big bloggers. Instead of 1 posting and 1 story on Instagram, permanent presence through pre- and post-reporting of bloggers.

Concept – My weekend

We invite bloggers on a tour, with fixed procedures. Day 1 XY, day 2 XY.

As a win-win, free vacation, food, lodging. In the ideal case one should win for it still another car fire, […], uU. well and simply possible. If even car, ride is put, the blogger will incur less cost, […]

  1. Blogger A+B make families vacation with the Kids
  2. Blogger C+D drive with their friends ‘just out of town’ out of town
  3. Blogger E+F are single parents, they can also afford a great holiday here
  4. Bloggers G+H travelled as couples to the short vacation over the WE

Photo and Videograph: Smartphone and Drone

The days will be accompanied by a Youtube videographer, so that we / you have good pictures for PR. From wellness, to restaurant and accommodation.

If budget suffices, if necessary with fan action > Wellness with my favourite Influencer. Fans get free travel + accommodation and meet their star.

The whole thing could also be accompanied exclusively by a smaller Fashion Magazine (100,000 readers / month) and collected in an extra category: Travel / Holiday in […] for eternity.

Social Network selection: Youtube First!

My tip: Less Instagram, more Youtube.

Instagram we must constantly operate so that the fire is present. At Youtube we are able to place videos on a long-term basis:

Currently only […] and bloggers with max. 70,000 views come here. If we buy someone who can guarantee 200,000, perfect.

Instagram additionally. We draw our themes from holidaymakers:

  • Premium vacationers (26 percent): Appreciate especially relaxation – right on your doorstep!
  • Discoverers (18 percent): Interested in new destinations and culture – from fishing by the sea to adventure pools for kids
  • Package holidaymakers (14 percent): book the prefabricated all-round package – short trip over the weekend, all organised
  • Traditionalists (21 percent): Take control of travel planning yourself.
  • Travel muffle (21 percent): Generally do not travel to other countries.

Source of the holiday-makers ( – Digital travel reservation: Thus the Germans plan their vacation

Catchment area

In addition demographically particularly with focus on closer areas North/West Germany

Saving / winning

Fans can save exclusively or win something during the promotion period, e.g. raffle or discount code.

Examples: Travel Vlogs on Youtube

We have shown some very good examples of how Youtube videos can be designed by travel bloggers:

48 hours in New Orleans (USA)

Greece meets Fashion

Cuban street food and coffee

Balis most beautiful beaches