Influencer Marketing – 4 practical tips for your company

Today, our social media manager has given a new interview for the textile industry – Influencers are on everyone’s mind. The potential of Influencer Marketing for companies and companies alike. The interview focused on four questions on Influencer Marketing.

Influencer cooperations for companies on Instagram

Are retreats cooperating with Influencer in comparison to other social platforms on Instagram particularly well? What is the reason?

Influencer Marketing works in all networks. Influencers are nothing new, ambassadors or multipliers for brands have been around for a long time. For Instagram, however, there is a special feature, namely the entire area around fashion, trends and lifestyle. Hundreds of millions of budgets for influencers flow here. The network is very visual. On Instagram, young people especially seek inspiration for their everyday life and for their lives. That’s why here at Instagram, you can market products that meet the needs of “taking part”, “experiencing”. These include many area such as fashion, fitness but also travel. These are the topics that are relevant to Instagram and for which it is worth to operate as a company on Instagram Influencer Marketing.

  • Lifestyle products
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Fitness and sports
  • Nutrition
  • Trend products

Influencers are real idols for their fans

What is the reason? Influencer marketing works so well because people or bloggers are real idols for young people. Popstars if you like. What they do, what they carry or where they go, everything interests the young people. They copy the behavior of their idols to get a bit of the “lifestyle” and bring them into their world. Even if idols travel and snap up new trends in distant countries, we are at Instagram live. Snapchat should also be mentioned here, the network grows extremely, even in older target groups.

If companies are placing products or brands in the life of the influencer, the probability is high that they get to know the brand, are interested in it, or even buy the product. Many influencers also refer directly to onlineshops with links in their profiles. It is important to operate Product Placement and Influencer Marketing authentically and defensively.

Let’s take a simple example: An Asian electronics manufacturer wants to introduce its new smartphone in Europe. In classic advertising, we would take the smartphone, color the background dyed color and write a great price. Offensive and attention-seeking. In Influencer Marketing the tactics are more defensive. The strategy consists of a handful of bloggers who are equipped with the new mobile phone. Of course, they make even better photos and VIdeos! They are absolutely satisfied with their new mobile phone and are looking forward, because this model is better than everyone else. They often mention the marketing message. At some point, we buy a new mobile phone, stand in the store and go straight to this product – after all, the idol, the influencer, has a good experience.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing – Real idols instead of flat advertising

What are the advantages of using Influencer?

The greatest effect and advantage for companies in Influencer Marketing brings authenticity. While advertising is often a very hard way to make something known, Influencer Marketing is a, as mentioned, fairly defensive strategy. Influencers are bloggers and bloggers stand for honest content. Here comes a classic aspect of advertising, the market transfer.

Influencers are people I’ve been following as followers for weeks, months or years. I accompany them daily in their lives. I have all the insights, trust the person and know how man thinks and we will probably act. I trust her! If the person is going to use something, many of these features go a bit further, even to the product to be advertised. Be it the “Trendsetter”, “Markenkenner”, and many more.

How to search for Influencer for Product Placement?

According to which criteria, apart from the range and a possible thematic reference, is the ideal influencer chosen for its brand?

In Influencer Marketing, it is primarily less about the absolute range as it is about the rate of interaction. For many brands large influencers are not interesting, because a single posting can cost many thousand euros. For many, microinfluencer plays an important role. But no matter if big influencer, keyword idol, or a microinfluencer. In both, you pay attention to the interaction rate!

A high interaction rate means that a lot of comments or likes are given in relation to the range, by followers. By means of interaction rates, for example, you can quickly see whether likes or fans have been bought for a channel. Anyone who has managed his channel well and has real followers will also have a high interaction rate on the number of his postings.

As with all industries, one must not forget the decisive factor in Influencer Marketing, the price! If an action with Influencers really work, book companies usually several people for a single campaign. If each individual person posts postings over a period of 30 to 60 days, the effort is not only very high in time but also financial. That is why most of them also rely on inflamecer agencies to reach the best result directly without great detours.

Social Media Marketing: Best times for advertising

There are different views about the ideal time for Instagram postings. What kind of advice do you give your customers in the process of social media planning?

We have already dealt extensively with the theme of “times” in our social media agency. Last year, we even wrote a Social Media Report for every German city of over 100,000 inhabitants. In our social media statistics you can see, for example, the user numbers, in a single network like Facebook, at a certain time, like the prime time around 7 pm to 8 pm, in a particular city.

In principle can be said as a tip, think of their own everyday life! Most people perform a fairly regular routine, we go to work in the morning, have our lunch break, go home in the evening. In the evening you want to experience something and will probably be outside, in the summer, while in the winter you are rather at home. On the weekend you will be on the road rather than on the week. And so on.

If you only look at your own daily rhythm, you can quickly see when you use social media, well, many others.

Think like your target group to find optimal times

A second tip. It is always about which product is currently being applied. For example, if we have a product targeted at target groups in companies, it is more appropriate to place postings between 10am and 6pm so that the crucial person is in business and, if necessary, or directly, a conversation with colleagues Or responsible persons. If it is more about products for the privately owned, it is worth the evening to use or even during the day postings to scatter.

Then there are special events for every branch. A small example I can give you from the beauty and makeup industry. The sales figures are very high at the beginning of the week and during the week they are sold at the end of the week and at the weekend much less. Advertising is worthwhile at the beginning of the week. Why? Just the weekend is over, a lot of make up consumes and the next weekend is before. That is, in the store and online, now much more Make Up products are selling. On Thursday and Friday the sales figures are falling, on the weekend it is significantly less then. This makes it possible to conclude who is thinking about his product and about his target group, finds the perfect time for social media postings.

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