Startups & Influencer marketing, does it work?

A new interview about Influencer Marketing. At the beginning of 2017 this magic word is on everyone’s lips. The interview was about the big question: Startups & Influencer, does it work? More specifically, to Influencer Marketing and action recommendations for startups at cooperations with Lifestyle Influencers. The interview was conducted by Anastasia Fliegel.

You are running the Social Media Agency next to your model agency and you have also focused on Influencer Marketing, how did you get this way?

Last year we founded Social Media One. At the time, I have already thought that the topic of Influencer Marketing must be served in any case also. During the project, I noticed that the target group for Influencer Marketing in the Fashion-Lifestyle category coincided with that of my model agency. So I thought that you could use the synergies. And Voila.

From which areas are the influencers that your agency manages?

As I come from the fashion and lifestyle industry, we are also focusing on the influencer from this area with the agency. This is where our expertise is greatest and we can make deep strategic plans for customers.

What is an Influencer in Social Media Marketing?

When would you call an influencer, as such? What are the three most important criteria?

  1. You have to be young (when we talk about Instagram and Co.)
  2. You need many followers
  3. You have to be interesting (to become an idol)

A good example of a very good influencer is, in my opinion, Pamela Reif. It unites everything and is already widely known so that it is certainly a good example of successful work as an influencer. They follow hundreds of thousands, and they all rejoice every day for new material from their idol. She has over 2 million followers and is loved by the companies. She had, for example, a cooperation with Deichmann, where you could design her own shoes. As a company it really depends on whether one can afford these great influencers or not.

Ein von Pamela Rf (@pamela_rf) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Pamela Rf (@pamela_rf) gepostetes Foto am

How do you recognize high-quality influencers?

What do you have to look out for when choosing and searching the influencers?

First, the look counts! Who are you talking to? Who is following you? To do this you have to pay attention to the interaction rate as a company, also as a startup. The interaction rate measures the ratio of followers to likes / comments. A high number of followers can deceive the company at first sight. The interaction with the contributions is a decisive criterion for whether the profile is of high quality or not. If one compares his portfolio to influences, one quickly sees the strikes. This means, for example, if a profile has 200,000 followers but has only a maximum of 1000 Likes and 20 comments, the profile has certainly been embellished by purchased followers. You can also compare profiles and purchase tools or tools that can check this faster. The regularity of the postings plays an important role in the evaluation.

  1. Look and target group
  2. Interaction rate
  3. Regularity

Are Influencers for Startups?

What do you have to consider as startup if you want to win this for yourself?

It all depends on what kind of startup it is. If it is a startup with capital for example, then I have of course other tips, as if a smaller startup with little budget on the topic. Influencer marketing is expensive and takes a lot of time to underestimate many! As always, money plays an important role, also in Influencer Marketing. Advertising budget must be available. Influencer marketing spans many channels or long periods. I would leave as a startup if no budget is available. Invest small amounts into good Facebook marketing with ads, targeting and retargeting. KPIs can also be better understood.

First and foremost, I would recommend it to any company that can take money in their hands. Influencers are present in every area of ​​the world today, and if you are looking for, there are surely also influencers from the technical or craft sector. Of course the influencers from the fashion / beauty or lifestyle sector are currently dominating. Influencer marketing is recommended as it is more authentic and appealing than a normal advertisement, be it classic or digital advertising.

Influencer Marketing funktioniert aber auch im kleinen, zum Beispiel für lokale Unternehmen.

Microinfluencer as a strategy for local businesses

Since startups usually do not have as much budget, I would advise as a simple alternative to ask friends. There are certainly acquaintances or friends who have an Instagram profile with over 1000-5000 followers. In addition, there is the personal connection, which makes it much easier to convince someone to promote their own product or service. As a microinfluencer, they can help you, for example, to promote a local company, because the followers are often out of the close circle of friends or close up. The reason for this is that it can also work with small ranges: more reference to the followers and more authenticity of the channel.