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Develop and validate business ideas in 9 steps. In episode #4, you’ll learn about the Lean Canvas! The first part is about your product, which is the business idea itself. That is 1) the problem, so you find the best 2) solutions and your 3) user promise, so your USP. Also, the tip of the week: Instagram Shopping! Now right in the app menu bar. Plus, as always, lots of little marketing live hacks from everyday life.

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Lean Canvas for your business idea: find & review

You want to start your own business? You want to found your own company, your own start-up? Then you need a good business idea! Several times a year we have a very special workshop, with over 200 participants. Briefly explained, similar to Höhle der Löwen that you know from TV. Only, with the extra of a day of coaching with our experts and mentors, then comes the big day and day pitches. 200 people, 40 groups, 40 ideas, but what’s the best way to start?

What is the Lean Canvas?

What is the Lean Canvas? The Lean Canvas is a variation of the Business Canvas. It helps you to find business ideas in new simple steps and to validate them. Validation means to check and prove that a business idea is or will be profitable. In this special of our Marketing Podcast, we’re going to look at the Lean Canvas in three episodes. In each case, 3 of 9 steps.

In part 1, you’ll learn about problem, solution, and your USP. In the second part(Lean Canvas #2) we talk about metrics, target groups and the unfair advantage. Part 3(Lean Canvas #3) then deals with the big topic of marketing and the resulting costs and revenue sources.

Banks, investors… Find employees (Recruiting)

In the Marketing Podcast and this special you learn so, free of charge the first step, the design of your business idea! You need this to develop your pitch and your business plan. Both you need to convince e.g. investors and banks of you. Finally, you need both concepts in everyday life, e.g. when you want to convince customers of your product or when recruiting new employees. These steps will be discussed in detail in future episodes. Learn marketing for your own business, step by step.

A solid, well thought-out idea, demonstrably profitable is what employees, banks but also investors expect from you as a founder. That’s why we wanted to take a close look at each individual step in this Lean Canvas Special, with practical examples so that you understand how such a Lean Canvas is built up. What depth you need to go into so that your pitch is ultimately convincing.

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Marketing Shorty: Lean Canvas

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  1. Lean Canvas Part 1: Problem, Solution & USP<

As a speaker, we show up to 200 participants in our workshop how to build a business. One part of this is the Lean Canvas. A simple way to develop business ideas and test them. On the second day, 40 groups then present their business ideas. A bit like “Höhle der Löwen”, you probably know the TV series. However, before it comes to the pitch, a solid business idea has to be in place. In this podcast episode we talk about that among other things.

Lean Canvas Part 1: Problem, Solution & USP

Lean Canvas Special: All Parts

Here you can find all parts of the Lean Canvas Special at a glance:

Part: Key figures, unfair advantage and target group

Part 2: Key figures, unfair advantage and target group

Part: Marketing and Finances

Part 3: Marketing and finance