Opt-In / Double-Opt-In: What is it? Generate leads for email marketing

You hear the term opt-in mainly in the context of email marketing and email funnels. Opt-in means that a user signs up for an email list. Typically on a website or in an online store. In Europe, there is also the double opt-in as a requirement. This means that users must confirm that they have […]

Cross-sell: Additionally sell similar products – example email funnel

Cross-sell – Cross-selling is the selling of related or complementary products or services based on the products the customer has already purchased (or in which he or she is interested). Cross-sell: Application in marketing Cross-selling is used in many areas to sell more. For example, you probably know the “similar products” in online stores, which […]

Up-sell: Sell additional more expensive products – example e-mail funnel

Up-sell – Up-selling is the additional offering of higher value products or higher value services. Up-sell: application in marketing Up-selling is often used to sell even more expensive products to buyers. A typical example would be the high ticket for a live event. A user buys e-coaching product A for 500 euros. Would this user, […]

Lead: Lead Generation for Email Lists – Quickly Explained

Lead – lead generation is a marketing term, in our context especially in online marketing and email marketing. A so-called lead, is a qualified (verified, verified) contact with a prospect who is interested in a brand or product. What do you do with a lead? Email Funnel After a lead has been generated, typically via […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Reporting! CPM, CPC, PPC & Co. – success factors

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – The various analysis options within social networks and, in particular, the extremely precise addressing of target groups (age, interest, place of residence, etc.), allow campaigns to be evaluated very precisely. But what does KPI actually mean? What does KPI mean? Quickly explained Simply explained: The abbreviation KPI stands for “Key […]

AIDA model in marketing: attention, interest, need = action

As always in marketing, there are very basic strategies that are also applied here in email marketing. For example, the AIDA principle. You’ve just heard about it for the first time and are asking yourself: What does AIDA mean? Here is the quick answer! Attention Attention means the user gets to know a product or […]

Customer loyalty: Reduce brand, awareness + store abandonments (sales)

Increase customer loyalty – How do you increase the loyalty of your own customers without personally knocking on their front door or writing letters like in 1992? The most efficient method currently is social media marketing, in 3 ways or methods. 1) Active community management, i.e. news, comments, etc. on it 2) Advertising in social […]

IHK: Chamber of Industry and Commerce training (continuing education)

Social Media IHK – Yes, there are actually also certifications of the IHK, here an example of the IHK Cologne to the Social Media Manager/in (further training). However, this is not a classic, 3-year vocational training, but a further training of the IHK to the social media manager, or manager. Training with social media component […]

History: It all started with Ebay! Facebook, YouTube & Co.

Social media history – The history of social networks does not have an exact starting point, so you could say that everything came into being with this invention. They have developed gradually, through the first tools of communication like Ebay. Ebay: The first social network? Now you will say eBay? Indeed! Because one of the […]

Earn money! Get rich quick? Practical example car cleaner / place an advertisement

Earn money – In the Social Media Wiki we also answer “simple” questions. This includes, for example, this frequently asked question: How can I earn money with social media? Marketing Job or Do It Yourself Many roads lead to Rome. You could train to become a social media manager ///, then work as a social […]

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing: What is it? + Example Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) – What is PPC? The term PPC stands in full for “pay-per-click”. The whole thing is a model in the field of internet marketing. Here, advertisers pay money every time one of the ads you create is clicked. The big goal behind the campaigns is to attract visitors to your website, […]

Salary: How much money does a Performance / Social Media Marketing Manager earn?

Social media salary – The salary (income, wage) of a social media manager varies depending on the tasks for which one is involved. Then again, there are jobs, e.g. in performance marketing, where you not only have the fixed salary, but also an additional bonus, e.g. if the turnover has exceeded a certain level. For […]

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