Test drive in the new Toyota C-HR Hybrid, today with Influencer!

Toyota presents the C-HR Hybrids in Düsseldorf! As part of the roadshow with six stages, across Germany. Felix Fassbender @felixfassbender, Duesseldorf-based blogger, was able to turn a round in the new C-HR Hybrid, even for a whole day! That is, many test drives
With fans and live reports. The C-HR hybrid of the Japanese automaker Toyota is a car with an engine power of 90kW and 122 hp, which accelerates from 0 to 100 in 11 seconds. This makes it an environmentally friendly hybrid, despite its performance. Toyota has already organized several events within the framework of the roadshow for the new model. There were always young influencers from the respective city. More about the C-HR Hybrid by Toyota.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid Event: more range for a car

With 242,000 followers Felix Fassbender is one of the largest influencers in NRW. He himself is a student and likes to spend his time with a good lifestyle. A good lifestyle also includes a nice car – the Toyota C-HR Hybrid is the right choice. The C-HR model not only looks stylish, but is also very environmentally friendly thanks to the hybrid engine. At the event itself, Felix had the opportunity to spoil the car and make it his followers on the social media palatable. On the evening before the event, he had already carted the car and the event in his Instagram story. On the day of the event, Felix’s task was to draw his followers’ attention to the event and the roadshow again, and to motivate him to advance. During a test drive, he explains his 242 k fans how the car works and what kind of fun it entails. To ensure sustainability, Felix postponed a photo with links to the model, Toyota and his companion, one day after the event.

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C-HR Hybrid by Toyota

The Toyota C-HR or Coupé High Rider comes in four configurations: C-HR, C-HR Flow, C-HR and C-HR Lounge. The hybrid crossover with electric and petrol engine has 90 kW (122 hp) and a continuously variable automatic transmission. On 100 kilometers it consumes about 4.1 – 3.5 liters, the CO2 emissions combined are about 87-86 grams per kilometer. He drives in the CO2 efficiency class A +. Further information is available on the C-HR Hybrid by Toyota.