Insights: The statistics function on Instagram

In the context of social media, the term “Insights” generally refers to analytics and performance statistics that you can find in the Instagram app on your Instagram account. Depending on your profile type, Instagram Insights shows you demographics of your followers, when they’re most likely to be online, the reach of each post, and more. With Instagram Insights, follower and interaction numbers are more understandable, and you can drive engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

Instagram Insights stats

Here you can see which statistics are displayed on Instagram Insights:

  • Demographic data
  • Current highlights with the most important performance increases
  • Overview with content interactions, total number of subscribers and accounts reached

Insights quickly explained

Insights briefly explained:

  • Analytics and performance statistics in the Instagram app
  • Insights on follower demographics, post reach, when followers are most likely to be online, and content interactions