Klick-Tipp: Email Marketing and Sales – Software Tip

Email marketing makes sales! When it comes to the topic of email marketing or performance marketing, and then most look for the best software mainly about the fact that it is a free provider. But is free software for email marketing really recommended? My recommendation is Klick-Tipp.

Klick-Tipp Experience

For doctors, car dealerships, travel companies, cruises, or even dog food: email marketing is powerful. But to create effective newsletter campaigns, you need the right tool.

We have tried a lot after the many years. Depending on how your company, project or client is set up, there are different solutions. In general, the most recommended for setting up good email campaigns is Klick Tipp. Many online marketing agencies swear by this tool.

So here’s our little look at Klick-Tipp.

Advantages of Klick-Tipp as a program

First, let’s summarize the benefits in a nutshell.

  1. Target group segmentation – No list chaos
  2. Follow-up emails – Once created, always there (Funnel)
  3. End devices – Responsive e-mails and standard newsletters
  4. Learns with through email-based tags, so-called SmartTags
  5. Good A/B Split Testing
  6. Cloud-based – All contacts in one place
  7. Email Analytics – Measurable Campaign Success

Plus a few extras that I can’t mention all here, but are fun! For example:

  • Autoresponder function
  • Facebook list building
  • PerformBuilder – Build and Test Login Forms

Disadvantages of Klick-Tipp

Especially in the beginning the user interface is sometimes confusing and you have to search a bit longer.

  • User interface sometimes confusing

Why email marketing?

Read the benefits in the article here or …. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Win customers with serious email marketing:

Test access, costs and cancellation

  1. Costs and tariffs for access
  2. Try Klick-Tipp for free
  3. Click-Tip cancellation

Costs and tariffs for access

The most important for all startups and younger companies: How much does Klick-Tipp cost? There are different pricing models depending on whether you pay monthly, annually, if you’re a small business or a larger one and need capacity and extras accordingly. Here are the basic rates:

  • KlickTipp Standard (entry level): ~ 27 Euro up to 10.000 contacts

After that it changes between Standard, Premium (+20 Euro), Deluxe (+40 Euro) and Enterprise (+122 Euro).

Try Klick-Tipp for free? Is that possible?

Unfortunately you cannot test the program for free.

How can I cancel Klick-Tipp?

If you want to cancel Klick-Tipp to switch to another email marketing provider, go through these steps:

  1. Contact Klick-Tipp Support (Cancellation)
  2. Export data from the newsletter system (otherwise your data will be lost)

What is a funnel or sales funnel?

When you collect email addresses, you have direct access to targeted, quality contacts. Klick-Tipp helps you as a (German [privacy]) email marketing provider to build lists, segment target groups and automate your email marketing (funnel).

You always start in the so-called cockpit. In the cockpit, you can make the various settings and create links. Here you have a complete overview of your prepared, running and past campaigns.

Segmentation of target groups

In fact, Klick-Tipp was one of the very first email systems in the world where you could manage your subscribers using tags (so-called labels) rather than simple lists. Meanwhile, the software learns itself, through so-called SmartTags. So it learns through email-based tags and gives you suggestions for improvement.

Automate: Follow-up emails

Tagging allows you to write to your contacts in an extremely targeted manner. The newsletter software is therefore specifically tailored to the needs of online marketers. If you want to have a strong, much-used newsletter or email marketing, the Klick-Tipp automations are perfect.

What does automation mean?

What does automation mean for SMEs? Time, geographical and financial freedom thanks to email marketing (better than selling offline).

More information about the software:

You can find more strong recommendations here: Social Media Software.

Is free software better?

Quality has its price, even if it is quite low at only 27 euros. Compared to what you can get with good email marketing from 1,000 contacts.

Free software has the disadvantage that it is always limited in the functions. So anyone who really wants to do sustainable email marketing and thus drive their own sales up, should rely on professional software.

Through numerous best practice examples, it shows that just the paid providers, deliver the most performance. Also from my own experience, the limitation starts e.g. with the amount of email addresses and continues with the functionality around Call-To-Action and analysis as well as monitoring.

Klick-Tipp Tutorials: Instructions and explanations

You want to start with Klick-Tipp? Here are a few of the most important, frequently asked questions with video explanation:

  1. Create a newsletter?
  2. Create your first campaign?
  3. Create and insert registration form?
  4. Email seen by recipient?
  5. Attach file and link?
  6. Attach pictures and videos?
  7. Set up double opt-in?
  8. Change email address for users?

Create a newsletter? The basics

Create your first campaign?

Create and insert registration form?

So you can create registration form and add it to your website.

Email seen by recipient?

Where can I see if the recipient has opened the email?

Attach file and link?

So you can attach and link a file to your emails.

Send pictures and videos?

So you can email pictures and videos in your newsletter.

Set up double opt-in?

Here’s how you can set up double opt-in processes in Klick-Tipp.

Change email address for users?

Here you will learn how your addressees can change their email address.

Learn more! What is…

What is email marketing and what is performance marketing? Learn more here.

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