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The Turbo Toolbox is a collection of templates that have achieved the highest conversion rates after extensive testing. If you use software like Klick Tipp, you will love the Turbo Toolbox. Because here you get directly prefabricated clickfunnel templates, as well as of course for email campaigns.

Landing Pages, Facebook Ads and Webiniar – Marketer Template

With various additional features, e.g. Facebook Ad Templates but also templates for webinars, the toolbox offers you everything you need in online marketing. So if you have already generated traffic through social media and you collect email addresses e.g. in Klick Tipp, then of course you need an intermediate element that ensures that your visitors become newsletter subscribers or even direct customers! You do that with conversion-optimized templates!

You don’t know how to use Photoshop yourself? You do not know how to customize the graphic design of a website by CSS? Then these templates and templates are just right for you. The best, all templates have been extensively tested in practice and are therefore already the essence of well-functioning landing pages, ads and designs.

With the individual templates you can then e.g. independently create landing pages on your WordPress website. But you can also create different graphics in Facebook Ads Manager, which you then test against each other. The more different your tests are, the more meaningful the results will be. So that you save time in the creation of graphics and landing pages, it is worthwhile to resort to such templates. Here you have not only once the advantage of ready-made landing pages and graphics but also for each new campaign – smart deal!

What do you do with all those collected email addresses? Generate sales! It’s easy with Klick-Tipp Newsletter Marketing.

Features of Turbo Toolbox

  • Clickfunnels Templates
  • Email campaigns
  • Email templates
  • ManyChat
  • Webinar templates
  • FB Ads Templates

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